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Tughlaq-Dynasty objective questions with answers

[MCQ Set 1] Tughlaq Dynasty – Ghyasuddin-Mohammad Bin-Firoz Shah


Tughlaq Dynasty Objective Questions Answers

[MCQ Set 1] Tughlaq Dynasty > Ghyasuddin-Mohammad Bin-Firoz Shah: Here is an another important set of objective multiple choice question with answers to increase your general knowledge. We advice you to practice these questions regularly for Banking, Railway, UPSC, or others exams.

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1. Who has been died due to collapse of ‘wooden Pavilion’?

A: Alauddin Khalji

B: Ghyas-ud-din Tughlaq

C: Sikandar Lodi

D: Firoz Shah Tughlaq


Ghyas-ud-din Tughlaq

2. Previous real name of Muhammad bin Tughlaq was _____?

A: Juna Khan

B: Ghazi Malik

C: Malik Kafur

D: Khizir Khan


Juna Khan

3. Consider the following statement and and answer the questions given below.

Statement I : Taxation in the Doab was introduced by Muhammad bin Tughlaq.

Statement II : Diwani-i-Khairat introduced by Firoz Shah Tughlaq for marriage of poor girls.

Questions : Which of the statement is/are true

A: only Statement I is true

B: Only Statement II is true

C: Both statements are true

D: Neither I nor II is true.


both Statements are true

4. How many provinces were divided all the empire during Mohammad bin Tughlaq?

A: 24

B: 25

C: 23

D: 21



5.Zakat‘ during Firoz Shah Tughlaq was ________ ?

A: Marriage System

B: Taxation system

C: Technique used in the battle

D: Name of land revenue officer.


Taxation system.

6. Firozabad and Junapur city built by which ruler?

A: Firoz Shah tughlaq

B: Alauddin Khilji

C: Mohammad bin Tughlaq

D: Iltutmish


Firoz Shah Tughlaq

7. Who shifted the capital from Delhi to Devgiri?

A: Mohammad bin Tughlaq

B: Firoz Shah

C: Ghazi Malik

D: Sikandar Lodi


Mohammad bin Tughlaq

8. Which token new currency introduced to remove previous currency by Mohammad bin Tughlaq?

A: Copper

B: Silver

C: Gold

D: Iron



9. Which of the following was an agricultural department created by Mohammad bin Tughlaq ?

A: Diwan-i-Kohi

B: Ghari

C: Charahi

D: Diwan-i-Khairat



10. Firuz Shah Tughlaq Buried at ________.

A: Delhi

B Multan

C: Kabul

D: Firozabad



11. Which of the following sultan was Father of Firoz Shah Tughlaq

A: Ghazi Malik

B: Mohammad bin Tughlaq

C: Muhammad Shah

D: Muhammad Shah Tughlaq


Mohammad bin Tughlaq

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