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Buxa National Park BTR (West Bengal) Details

Buxa National Park also known as the Buxa Tiger Reserve BTR is a beautiful place for the tourist now a day. It is situated at southern hilly area of Bhutan. Governing body of this park is Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India.

Location : Buxa National Park is located in Alipurduar of West Bengal. Its boundary run along with southern Bhutan of the north of West Bengal.
Jaldapara National Park
Latitude : 26°39′ North
Longitude : 89°35′ East

Establishment :

Previously Its name was Buxa Tiger reserve, which was established in 1983. Later it was added as Buxa Wildlife Sanctuary in 1991. After that the govt. of West Bengal declared it as a Buxa National Park in 1992.

Area :

  • The area of Buxa Tiger Reserve BTR is 314.5 square kilometer
  • The area of Buxa Wildlife Sanctuary is 54.5 sq km
  • The area of Buxa National Park is 117 sq km

Flora : The dominant flora are sal, champa, gamar, shimul and chikrasi trees, various type of shrubs, herbs, cane, bamboo, grass etc..

Fauna : Mammals like Royal Bengal Tiger, leopard, Jungle Cat, Elephant, Buffalo more are sighted here. Birds like greater pied hornbill, ibishbill etc. and colorful butterfly are also found in the park. Various type of snake lizards and tortoises are also seen very easily.

Two New species of frog discover in this national park in 2006

Famous For : The Buxa National Park is famous for the Bengal Tiger.

Other attractive things are Buxa fort, Mahakal Cave, Narathali Lake etc.

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GK> Jaldapara National Park (West Bengal) Details

Jaldapara National Park is one of the popular National Park in West Bengal as well as in India. It is situated at the bank of Torsa river. It is mainly known for population of rhinoceros.

Location : Jaldapara National Park is located at the foothill of Himalayas. It is situated at the North of West Bengal near Jalpaiguri district at the bank of Torsa river.
Jaldapara National Park

Latitude : 25° 58′ – 27° 45′ North

Longitude : 89° 08′ – 89° 55′ East

Establishments : Jaldapara National Park previously known as “Totapara”. In 1941 Is is established as the wildlife sanctuary. Recently in 2014 it is declared as National Park by the Govt. of India.

Area : The total area of the Park is 216.51 Square Kilometer.

Flora : The dominant flora are Sal and Sishu trees, large number of fern, shrubs, tall grass and beautiful flowers

Fauna : Asiatic One horned Rhinoceros leopards, Elephants, Deer, Sambar, Tiger, Jungle Cat, Hispid Hare, etc mammals are found here. Large number of birds like various types of Eagle, Pigeons, Bengal florican, Hill Mynas etc are also found here. Python, Monitor lizards, Kraits, Cobras etc reptiles are also sighted here.

Famous For : Jaldapara National Park is famous for Asiatic One Horned Rhinoceros and Bengal florican Bird

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GK> List of National Parks in West Bengal [pdf]

Top National Parks of West Bengal

List of National Parks in West Bengal. What are the popular National Parks of West Bengal? There are top 6 National Parks in West Bengal.

What is National Park?

National Parks Definition :
An area of countryside, or occasionally sea or fresh water, protected by the state for the enjoyment of the general public or the preservation of wildlife under sec.35. or sec.38 or deemed, under sub-section (3) of sec.66.

How many national Parks in West Bengal?

There are top 6 National parks in West Bengal. They are Jaldapara National Park, Buxa National Park, Gorumara, Singalila, Sundarbans and Neora Valley

All National Parks In West Bengal :

West Bengal is known for its famous Bengali culture and beautiful landscape along with delicious Bengali foods. This state has a diverse range of flora and fauna. So now we will look at the most important and famous National Parks in West Bengal.

There are mainly 6 National Parks in West Bengal. All these are spreading over around 1300 square Kilometer. Rhinoceros, Chita, The Royal Bengal Tiger, Red Panda etc are the most famous animals in these national parks in WB.

Important National Parks of West Bengal

Sl No.NameEstablishedDistrictArea sq kmFamous For
1Jaldapara National Park2014Alipurduar216.51Rhinoceros
2Buxa National Park1992Alipurduar117Tigers
3Gorumara National Park1994Jalpaiguri80Rhinoceros
4Singalila National Park1992Darjeeling78.60Red Panda
5Sundarbans National Park198424 Parganas16,900Tiger
6Neora Valley National Park1986Kalimpong159.89Red Panda

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