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Rimjhim for class 5 pdf book free download

NCERT Class-5> “Rimjhim” PDF Hindi Text Book Download

“Rimjhim” For Class 5 NCERT CBSE Free PDF Download

Rimjhim for class 5 (V) is an Hindi text-book followed by NCERT or CBSE board of India. You can download this Rimjhim text-book in PDF format freely form here. Not only this book other classes books are also available here. But remember, we do not host any PDF file on our website’s server. This is only promotional copy. We advice you to buy this Rimjhim for class 5 from authorized publisher.

Rimjhim for class 5 contain total 18 chapters. All Chapters are given in Hindi language.

NCERT Class 5 > “Rimjhim” Details

Book Name: Rimjhim
 Class: 5
 Format: PDF
 Board: NCERT or CBSE board of India
 Size: 41 MB
 Language: Hindi


Chapter-1: Raakh ki Rashi (Ash rope)

Chapter-2 Fashlo ka tewhar (Festival of crops)

Chapter-3 Khilonewala (Toyer)

Chapter-4 Nannha Fankaar (Tiny funk)

Chapter-5 Janha Chaha wanha raha (where there is a will there is a way)

Chapter-6 Chitthi ka safar (Chitti travel)

Chapter-7 Dakeya ki kahani, kanwar singh jubani

Chapter-8 wo din vi kya din the (What day were the days)

Chapter-9 Ek maa ki bewashi (A mother’s helplessness)

Chapter-10 Ek din ki badsha (Day-person)

Chapter-11 Chwal ki Rotia (Bread of rice)

Chapter-12 Guru aur chela (Guru and disciple)

Chapter-13 Swami ki dadi (Master grandmother)

Chapter-14 Baagh aya us raat (tiger came that night)

Chapter-15 Bishan ki dileri

Chapter-16 Paani re Paani

Chapter-17 Chhoti si hamari nadi (Our small river)

Chapter-18 Chunoti Himalaya ki (Challenge of Himalaya)

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Class 2 ”Rimjhim” Hindi Textbook PDF Download NCERT

Book NameRimJhim
Class2, Two, II
BoardNCERT, CBSE, Central Board
File formatPDF
File Size15 MB

NCERT CBSE Class 2 Hindi Text Book “Rimjhim” PDF.

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paath 1 oont chala
paath 2 bhaaloo ne khelee phutabol
paath 3 myaoon, myaoon !!
paath 4 adhik balavaan kaun?
paath 5 dost kee madad
paath 6 bahut hua
paath 7 meree kitaab
paath 8 titalee aur kalee
paath 9 bulabul
paath 10 meethee saarangee
paath 11 tesoo raaja beech baajaar
paath 12 bas ke neeche baagh
paath 13 sooraj jaldee aana jee
paath 14 natakhat chooha
paath 15 ekkee-dokkee
Lesson 1 Camel Played
Lesson 2 Bears played football
Lesson 3 Meow, Meow !!
Lesson 4 Who is more powerful?
Lesson 5 friend help
Lesson 6 Enough
Lesson 7 my book
Lesson 8 Butterfly and Bud
Lesson 9 nightingale
Lesson 10 sweet string
Lesson 11 Tesu King Beach Market
Lesson 12 just under tiger
Lesson 13 Suraj Ani Ji
Lesson 14 naughty mouse
Lesson 15 Ekki-dokki

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