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[Set-4] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams

MCQ-1 Which among the following gases does not help in the depletion of ozone in the ozone layer? A) NOB) NO2C) CFCD) CO2 Answer D) CO2 MCQ-2 Which among the following substances has the highest heat conductivity? A) SilverB) DiamondC) CopperD) Aluminium Answer B) Diamond MCQ-3 Let violet and red light has same incident angle […]

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[Set-2] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams

MCQ-1> Which one of the following is not produced by the burning of fossil fuels? A) NO2B) Na2OC) SO2D) CO2 Answer – B) Na2O MCQ-2> The fraction 1/273 in Charles’s law is known as A) Volume coefficientB) Pressure coefficientC) Both volume and pressure coefficientD:) None of these Answer – A) Volume coefficient MCQ-3> The value […]

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