[Set-2] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams

MCQ-1> Which one of the following is not produced by the burning of fossil fuels? A) NO2B) Na2OC) SO2D) CO2 Answer – B) Na2O MCQ-2> The fraction 1/273 in Charles’s law is known as A) Volume coefficientB) Pressure coefficientC) Both volume and pressure coefficientD:) None of these Answer – A) Volume coefficient MCQ-3> The value … Read more [Set-2] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams

Pressure of Atmosphere (Air) & Liquid – Physics GK Notes [PDF]

Pressure Important Point (General Knowledge) Complete Notes and important points on the topics Pressure in Physics for your upcoming exams such as UPSC, IAS, Banking, SSC, Railway, etc. Contents: What is Pressure Atmospheric Pressure Pressure in liquid Formula: Pressure = Force/Area Unit: CGS: dyne/cm2 SI: Pascal or N/m2 Dimension: [ML-1T-2] Quantity: Scalar What is Pressure? … Read more Pressure of Atmosphere (Air) & Liquid – Physics GK Notes [PDF]

Satellite – GK [PDF]

SATELLITE related General knowledge

SATELLITE related General knowledge What is satellite? A satellite is an object which revolves around a planet. The revolution occurs due to the effect of the Gravitational Force that acts between any two masses. There are two types of satellite one is natural satellite and the other is an artificial satellite. Natural satellites are created … Read more Satellite – GK [PDF]