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[Set-4] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams

MCQ-1 Which among the following gases does not help in the depletion of ozone in the ozone layer? A) NOB) NO2C) CFCD) CO2 Answer D) CO2 MCQ-2 Which among the following substances has the highest heat conductivity? A) SilverB) DiamondC) CopperD) Aluminium Answer B) Diamond MCQ-3 Let violet and red light has same incident angle […]

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Gravitation, Newton's Law, Potential energy.

Gravitation – Physics > GK

Gravitational Force and Gravity Contents Newton’s Law of Gravitation; Gravity Gravitational Potential Gravitation related General Knowledge is one of the most important topics for various types of competitive examinations such as IAS, UPSC, Railway, Banking, SSC, CGL, CHSL, MTS, etc. Therefore we have brought to you the proper and appropriate knowledge and concept related Physics […]

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