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Babur Humayun Akbar Jahangir Shahjahan Aurangzeb

Mughal Empire – GK + Study Notes [PDF]

Important Points on Mughal Empire and Study Notes Contents: Babur Humayun Akbar Jahangir Shahjahan Aurangzeb Here are some important notes and points on Mughal Empire for your various upcoming competitive examinations. Mughals were the important kings of the Delhi sultanate. Babur: (1525 – 1530) Babur became the sultan at the age of 12 after his […]

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Mohammad-bin tughlaq

GK> Tughlaq Dynasty Important Points

General Knowledge: Tughlaq Dynasty 1320 – 1414 # Mohammad-bin Tughlaq # Firoz Shah Tughlaq Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq killed the Khusrau Khan, the last king of the Khilji dynasty and ascended the throne Tughlaq Empire. His other name was Ghazi Malik. This dynasty is also known as the dynasty of Qaraunah Turks as the father of Ghiyasuddin was […]

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[GK] KHILJI DYNASTY – Alauddin Khilji

KHILJI DYNASTY – Alauddin Khilji General Knowledge The founder of the Khalji Dynasty was Jalaluddin Khilji. Alauddin Khilji: 1296-1316 Alauddin Khilji was a nephew of Jalaluddin Khilji. He assassinated his uncle and succeeded the throne in 1296. Being the first Turkish sultan of Delhi Alauddin separated religion from politics. He proclaimed ‘kingship knows no kinship‘. […]

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SLAVE DYNASTY or ILBARI DYNASTY All the important points of the Slave Dynasty or Ilbari dynasty are given below. These points are on an objective basis and important for all competitive exams. Qutubuddin Aibak: (1206 – 1210) Qutubuddin Aibak founded the Slave Dynasty. His capital was Lahore, now in Pakistan. He earned the title “Lakh […]

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