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honeycomb-class-7-english pdf download

[NCERT Class 7] “HONEYCOMB” PDF Download

[NCERT Class 7] “HONEYCOMB” ENGLISH Textbook PDF Download

Name of the BookHONEYCOMB
Class7, VII, Seven
FormatPDF + ZIP
Size55 MB
“HONEYCOMB” ENGLISH Textbook PDF summery

[NCERT Class 7] “HONEYCOMB” ENGLISH Textbook PDF Download FOR FREE. Honeycomb is an excellent English book for class seven of CBSE or NCERT school in India.

Learning a language means using it for a wide variety of purposes. Words and phrases not closely related to objects and actions remain empty and lifeless to young learners. Encourage learners to work in pairs and small groups and let them go beyond the textbook by providing a variety of language inputs for spontaneous and natural use of language.

NOTE: “HONEYCOMB” ENGLISH Textbook" is not republishing by We just link this book from official website of ncert. This book is fully copyrighted by NCERT. nic. in. You can download and read this book as a reference purpose. 

Foreword … iii

  1. Three Questions … page no 7
    The Squirrel … page no 17
  2. A Gift of Chappals … page no 18
    The Rebel … page no 33
  3. Gopal and the Hilsa Fish … page no 36
    The Shed … page no 48
    NOTES FOR THE TEACHER (UNITS 4–7) … page no 50
  4. The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom … page no 55
    Chivvy … page no 69
  5. Quality … page no 71
    Trees … page no 83
  6. Expert Detectives … page no 85
    Mystery of the Talking Fan … page no 97
  7. The Invention of Vita-Wonk … page no 99
    Dad and the Cat and the Tree … page no 107
    NOTES FOR THE TEACHER (UNITS 8–10) … page no 111
  8. Fire: Friend and Foe … page no 114
    Meadow Surprises … page no 123
  9. A Bicycle in Good Repair … page no 126
    Garden Snake … page no 137
  10. The Story of Cricket … page no 139

Download “HONEYCOMB” ENGLISH” Pdf Class 7

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NCERT Class 6> Honeysuckle - English Textbook [PDF]

NCERT Class 6> Honeysuckle – English Textbook [PDF]

Honeysuckle – English For Grade 6 NCERT

 Book Name Honeysuckle
 Class 6, Six, VI
 Subject English
 File PDF (8 MB)

Honeysuckle English Textbook for Class 6th students of NCERT or CBSE board of India. Honeysuckle book is available at ncert . nic . in which is the official website of NCERT. This book is the property of ncert and is not intended to violate any copyright law. If you are a student and want to learn English from home then you can download this book from bellow links.

 Chapters Contents Download
 Chapters 00Prelims Download
 Chapters 01Who Did Patrick’s
Homework?A House, A Home
 Chapters 02How the Dog
Found Himselfa New Master!The Kite
 Chapters 03Taro’s Reward

The Quarrel

 Chapters 04An Indian – American
Woman in SpaceKalpana ChawlaBeauty
 Chapters 05A Different Kind of School

Where Do All the
Teachers Go?

 Chapters 06Who I Am

The Wonderful Words

 Chapters 07Fair Play Download
 Chapters 08A Game of Chance


 Chapters 09Desert Animals


 Chapters 10The Banyan Tree Download

NCERT/CBSE Class 6 English Honeysuckle PDF

Download As PDF

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NCERT Class-5> "Marigold" : English Text Book [pdf Download]

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“Marigold” For Class V NCERT/CBSE

Marigold is an English text-book for class Five introduced by NCERT or CBSE board of India. Here you can download these books for free of cost. Please remember that all the books are hosted on other server, not on our server. We advice you to buy this book from store. You can download all the chapter separately from the given links bellow.

We provide these books to you to enjoy the knowledge of English. Visit our website regularly for more update and interesting essential books for your knowledge.

Information About The Book

Name of the Book: Marigold

Language: English

Class: V

Size: 19 MB

Format: PDF

Board: NCERT

 All Chapters Download Links
 Chapter 1 Ice-cream Man
 Chapter 2 Teamwork
 Chapter  3 My Shadow
 Chapter 4 Crying
 Chapter 5 The Lazy Frog
 Chapter  6 Class Discussion
 Chapter  7 Topsy-turvy Land
 Chapter  8 Nobody’s Friend
 Chapter  9 Sing a Song of People
 Chapter 10 Malu Bhalu

Download Marigold Class 5 Complete Text book in ZIP

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NCERT CBSE Class-3 English Book Marigold Pdf Download

NCERT Class 3 English Book> Marigold – PDF

NCERT CBSE Class-3 English Book Marigold Pdf Download Free Here. A Brief details of each chapter is given below as Chapter wise list.


  1. Chapter 1 contain: The Magic Garden

  2. Chapter 3 contain: Nina and the Baby Sparrows

  3. Chapter 3 contain: The Enormous Turnip

  4. Chapter 4 contain: A Little Fish Story

  5. Chapter 5 contain: The Yellow Butterfly

  6. Chapter 6 contain: The Story of the Road

  7. Chapter 7 contain: Little Tiger, Big Tiger

  8. Chapter 8 contain: My Silly Sister

  9. Chapter 9 contain: He is My Brother

  10. Chapter 10 contain: The Ship of the Desert

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