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environmental studies

NCERT> Class 3 – Looking Around (Environmental Studies) PDF

NCERT/CBSE Class 3 – Looking Around (Environmental Studies) PDF

Looking Around is a book of Environmental Studies for class three of NCERT or CBSE board of India. This book deals with environment science. An outstanding book for class 3. Free Download here.

 Name of Book: Looking Around
 Class: 3
 Size:  70 MB
 Format: pdf
 Language: English



Foreword iii
A Note for the Teachers and Parents ix
1. Poonam’s Day out 1
2. The Plant Fairy 10
3. Water O’ Water ! 19
4. Our First School 25
5. Chhotu’s House 30
6. Foods We Eat 36
7. Saying without Speaking 43
8. Flying High 50
9. It’s Raining 57
10. What is Cooking 61
11. From Here to There 66
12. Work We Do 78
13. Sharing Our Feelings 87
14. The Story of Food 92
15. Making Pots 96
16. Games We Play 101
17. Here comes a Letter 109
18. A House Like This 116
19. Our Friends —Animals 124
20. Drop by Drop 132
21. Families can be Different 137
22. Left–Right 144
23. A Beautiful Cloth 154
24. Web of Life 156


NCERT> “Math-Magic” / Mathematics for Class-3 Text Book PDF

“Math-Magic” / Mathematics Class-3 PDF Download

Download NCERT or CBSE text book in pdf format. Mathematics or Math-Magic for class Three. Here you can find all the text book for free of cost. You just need an Adobe reader to view the text.

Math-Magic for class 3 contain the basic mathematics for the student of CBSE or NCERT students. It helps to learn the basic as well as some advance math for class three students. Teach your students using these NCERT free text book. All the download links are available here. But we do not upload in our server.

 Name of the Book: Math-Magic
 Format: PDF (Need Adobe reader)
 Size: 111 MB
 Language: English


NCERT CBSE Class-3 English Book Marigold Pdf Download

NCERT Class 3 English Book> Marigold – PDF

NCERT CBSE Class-3 English Book Marigold Pdf Download Free Here. A Brief details of each chapter is given below as Chapter wise list.


  1. Chapter 1 contain: The Magic Garden

  2. Chapter 3 contain: Nina and the Baby Sparrows

  3. Chapter 3 contain: The Enormous Turnip

  4. Chapter 4 contain: A Little Fish Story

  5. Chapter 5 contain: The Yellow Butterfly

  6. Chapter 6 contain: The Story of the Road

  7. Chapter 7 contain: Little Tiger, Big Tiger

  8. Chapter 8 contain: My Silly Sister

  9. Chapter 9 contain: He is My Brother

  10. Chapter 10 contain: The Ship of the Desert

NCERT CBSE Class-3 English Book Pdf Free Download