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Superlatives of the World 2018 PDF Download

GK> Superlatives of the World – largest longest highest smallest [PDF]

Superlatives of the World PDF

Superlatives of the world pdf > included highest longest biggest largest deepest smallest shortest and tallest of the world (2017-2018). This is static General knowledge, which one should remember for any competitive examinations like IAS, UPSC, SSC, CGL, Banking, Railway and others. I have provided also a downloadable link below the contents from where you may save this post on your device as a PDF format.

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 #  Which is the tallest animal on Land? The tallest animal on land is Giraffe.

 #  Which is the biggest bell in the world? It is Great Bell at Moscow.

 #  Which is the fastest bird among the family of bird? It is Swift.

 #  Which is the largest bird? It is Ostrich.

 #  Which is the smallest bird? It is the Humming bird.

 #  Which is the longest railway bridge in the world? It is Lower Zambezi in Africa.

 #  Which is the tallest building in the world? It is Burj Khalifa, in Dubai (U.A.E).

 #  Which is the tallest office building in the world? It is Petronas Twin Towers at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

 #  Which is the longest big-ship canal? It is Suez canal which links between Red Sea and Mediterranean.

 #  Which is the busiest canal for ship? It is Baltic White Sean Canal which is 152 miles long.

 #  Which is the biggest Cinema House in the world> It is Roxy located at New York.


 #  Wen Chuan in Tibet, China is the highest City in the world which is above 16732 ft from sea level.

 #  Which is the largest city by population? It is Tokyo. The population of Tokyo in 2016 was 38,140,000.

 #  Which is the biggest city by area in the world? It is New York Metro with 8,683 sq km.

 #  The largest continent is Asia.

 #  The smallest continent is Australia.

 #  World largest country by population is China.

 #  World largest country by area is Russia.

 #  Largest Coral Formation is The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

 #  World’s largest hydraulic dam is Three Gorges Dam of China.

 #  The longest day in Northern hemisphere is 21 June.

 #  The shortest day in Southern hemisphere is 22 December.

 #  Which is the largest Delta in the world? It is suburban in India covering 8000 square miles.

 #  The largest Desert in the world is Sahara in Africa which cover an area about 84,00,000 sq km.


 #  The Cullinan is the largest Diamond in the world (over 1.5 lb)

 #  Which is the biggest Dome in the world? It is Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur It s diameter is about 144 ft.

 #  The Longest epic is Mahabharata.

 #  World’s largest island is Greenland which is renamed as Kalaallit Nunaat.

 #  World’s largest artificial lake is Lake Mead at Boulder.

 #  World’s deepest lake is Baikal at Siberia. It’s average depth is 2300 ft.

 #  World’s highest lake is Titicaca in Bolivia. It is situated 12,645 ft above the sea level.

 #  World’s largest lake (Fresh Water) is – Lake Superior in USA.


 #  World largest lake (Salt Water) is – Caspian Sea.

 #  Which is the largest Mosque around the world? It is Jama Masjid in Delhi. Its area is around 10,000 sq ft.

 #  The biggest library in the world – National Kiev Library, Moscow and Library of Congress, Washington.

 #  Which is the highest mountain peak in the world? It is Mt. Everest situated in Nepal. It’s height is 8848 meter.

 #  World’s highest mountain range is Himalayas.

 #  World’s Longest mountain range is Andes in South America. It is 5,500 miles in length.

 #  World’s biggest museum is British Museum in London.

 #  Which is the tallest Minaret (free-standing)  in the world? It is Qutub Minar, in Delhi. It is 239 ft high.

 #  World’s Deepest and Biggest Ocean is The Pacific Ocean.

 #  World’s tallest Minaret is Great Hassan Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco.

 #  Largest Place is Imperial Place at Gugong, and Beijing in China.

 #  Which is the world largest Peninsula? It is Arabia with about 32,50,000 sq km.

 #  World’s coldest place is Verkoyansk in Siberia. It’s temperature can fall below -85° C.

 #  Driest place in the world is Death Valley in California: The rainfall is only 1.5 Inch.

 #  The hottest place in the word is Al-Aziziyah in Libya. Its highest temperature is 58° C recorded.

 #  Which is the largest planet in the solar system? It is Jupiter.

 #  The nearest planet to the earth is Venus.

vThe Brightest and Hottest Planet in the solar system is Venus.

 #  Which is the farthest planet to the sun? It is Neptune.

 #  Smallest planet in solar system is Mercury.

 #  World’s Highest plateau is Pamir in Tibet.

 #  World’s longest railway platform is Gorakhpur railway station, Uttar Pradesh, India:1,366.33 m (4,483 ft).

 #  World’s largest railway station by platform in the world is Grand Central Terminal station  located in New York USA.

 #  World’s Largest railway platform by site area is Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station in Shanghai.

 #  World’ largest railway station by floor area: Hangzhou East Railway Station in Hangzhou

 #  World’s largest railway platform by passenger flow volume: Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

 #  World’s largest Port is Port of new York and New Jersey in USA.

 #  Busiest port in the world is Rotterdam in Netherlands.

 #  Longest railway in the world is TRANS SIBERIAN RAILWAY (Moscow-Vladivostok ) which is 9289 km long.

The Trans-Siberian Railway
The Trans-Siberian Railway

 #  Longest river in the world in Neil In AFrica. It is 6690 km long.

 #   #  Longest River Dam in the world is Hirakud Dam in Orissa, India. It is about 15.8 miles long.

 #  Largest Sea-bird is Albatross.

 #  World’s largest inland Sea is Mediterranean.

 #  Brightest star is Sirius also known as Dog Star.

 #  World tallest statue is Statue of Liberty, New York USA. It’s height is 150 ft.

 #   Tallest statue (Bronze) in the world is Bronze Statue of Lord Buddha, Tokyo in Japan.

 #  Longest Swimming course in the world is  English Channel.

 #  Tallest Tower in the world is C.N. Tower, Toronto Canada.

 #  World’s longest Railway tunnel is Seikan Rail Tunnel in Japan. It is 53.85 km. long.

 #  World’s Longest and Largest Canal Tunnel is Le Rove Tunnel in South of France.

 #  Longest tunnel (Road) is Laerdal in Norway.

 #  Highest Volcano in the world is Ojos del Salado in Andes.

 #  Largest volcano in the world is Mauna Lao in Hawaii.

 #  Which is the longest wall in the world> It is Great Wall of China. It is 1500 miles long.

 #  World’s highest waterfall is Salto Angel Falls situated in Venezuela.

 #  Largest Bay is Hudson Bay in Canada. shore line 7623 miles.

 #  Tallest Active Geyser is Giant Yellowstone Park in USA.

 #  World’s largest river basin is Amazon Basin. It is 27,20,000 sq miles

 #  World’s rainiest spot is Cherrapunji Mawsynram in India. .11,871mm rainfall.

 #  World’s largest Gorge is Grand Canyon, on the Colorado river, in USA.

 #  Lightest Metal among all metals Lithium.

 #  Hardest substance available in earth is Diamond. Researcher now found an another material called Boron-Carbide B4C which considered as the hardest substance.

 #  Longest animal is blue Whale, its recorded length is about 106 feet.

 #  Longest life-span on an animal in the world in 200 years, Giant tortoise.

 #  Largest Land Animal in the world is African Bush Elephant.

Fastest Animal in the world is Cheetah or Leopard. It’s speed is upto 70 mile per hour.


 #  Longest jumping animal in the world is Kangaroo. Longest wing spread bird is Albatross.

 #  Slowest animal in the world is Snail.

 #  Biggest Flower in the Earth is Rafflesia or Java.

 #  Largest Stadium in the world by capacity is Rungrado 1st of May Stadium (114,000).

 #  Largest Church in the world is St. Peters Basilica (Vatican City) 15,160 m sq.

 #  Largest Temple in the world is Angkor Vat in Cambodia.

 #  Largest Diamond Mine in the world i Kembarley in South Africa.

 #  largest River in Volume in the world is Amazon in Brazil.

 #  World’s longest corridor is Rameshwaram Temple’s Corridor which is about 5000 feet.

 #  Largest Desert in Asia is Gobi in Mongolia.

 #  Largest Democracy in the world is India.l

 #  Most intelligent animal is Chimpanzee.

 #  Largest Mammal is Whale.

Superlatives of the World 2018 PDF Download

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