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Superlatives: India - Biggest Highest Largest Longest Smallest [PDF] GK

Superlatives of India – highest longest largest shortest and tallest [PDF] GK


List of Important Superlatives of India pdf

Superlatives in India included the highest longest largest shortest and tallest in India which are important general knowledge for your upcoming competitive examinations like SSC, CGL, MTS, CHSL IAS UPSC, PSC Railway Group D Banking and others. It is my recommendation to you to remember all the superlatives in India. I have provided all these superlatives as a quiz with answer format.

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# Important Superlative of India:

 #  Which is the longest river bridge in India? ⇒ Mahatma Gandhi Setu situated in Patna Bihar. It is about 5575 meters long.

 #  Where does the largest animal fair held in India? ⇒ Sonepur in state Bihar.

 #  Which is the largest auditorium in India? ⇒ It is Sri Shanmukhananda Hall situated in Mumbai

 #  Which is the largest lake in India? ⇒ Wular Lake situated in Jammu and Kashmir.

 #  Which is the largest Dam in India? ⇒ It is Bhakra Dam built on Sutlej river in Punjab state.

 #  What is the largest desert in India? ⇒ It is Thar desert located in Rajasthan.

 #  What is the largest cave temple in India? ⇒ It is Kailash Temple located at Ellora in Maharashtra.

Kailash-Temple Superlatives India

 #  Which is the largest zoo in India? ⇒ Zoological Garden located in Kolkata.

 #  Which is the Largest Mosque in India? ⇒ It is Jama Masjid in Delhi built by: Shah Jahan.

 #  Which is the highest peak in India? ⇒ Godwin Austen or K2. It is 8611 meters long.

 #  Which is the longest Tunnel In India? ⇒ Jawahar Tunnel Banihal Pass situated in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Which is the largest Delta in India? ⇒ It is Sunderbans situated in West Bengal.

 #  Which state of India has a maximum forest area? ⇒ Madhya Pradesh.

 #  Which is the longest corridor in India? ⇒ Corridor of Ramanathaswamy Temple at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu.

 #  The highest waterfall in India is Jog or Garsoppa in Karnataka.

 #  What is the longest road in India? ⇒ It is Grand Trunk Road or GT Road. Extended from Delhi to Kolkata (2500 km).

 #  Which is the highest Gate Way in India? ⇒ It is Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur Sikri in Uttar Pradesh.

 #  The longest river in India is The Ganga. It is 2640 km long.

 #  What is the largest Museum in India? ⇒ It is Indian Museum in Kolkata.

 #  The largest Dome in India is Gol Gumbuz at Bijapur in Karnataka.

 #  Which is the tallest Statue in India? ⇒ It is Gomateshwara in Karnataka.

 #  Which is the largest public sector bank in India? ⇒ it is State Bank of India or SBI.

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 #  The biggest cantilever Bridge in India is Rabindra Setu or Howrah Bridge in Kolkata.

Superlatives India Howrah Bridge
Howrah Bridge

 #  Which is the longest Canal in India? ⇒ Indira Gandhi Canal or Rajasthan Canal in Rajasthan.

 #  Which is the longest railway platform in India? ⇒ Gorakhpur railway station in Uttar Pradesh. it is 1,366 m (4,483 ft) long (longest in the world).

 #  Which is the biggest Stadium in India? ⇒ it is Yuva Bharati Stadium at Salt Lake in Kolkata.

 #  What is the most populous city

in India? ⇒ It is Mumbai. Around 16,368,000 people live here.

 #  Which is the largest Sea bridge in India? ⇒ It is  Anna Indira Gandhi Bridge in Tamil Nadu

 #  Which is the longest passenger train route in India? ⇒ It is Jammu Tawi to Kanyakumari.

 #  Which is the oldest Church in India? ⇒ It is St. Thomas Church at Palayar at Trichur in Kerala.

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 #  Which is the longest National Highway in India? ⇒ It is NH-44. Extended from Srinagar to Kanyakumari.

 #  The state with the longest coastline in India is Gujarat (1214.7 Km)

 #  Which is the highest lake in India? ⇒ It is Devtal Lake at  #  Garhwal in Uttarakhand.

 #  Which is the largest Saline water Lake in India? ⇒ Chilka Lake in Odisha.

chilka-lake Superlatives India

 #  Which is the largest freshwater Lake in India? ⇒ It is  Kolleru Lake in Andhra Pradesh.

 #  Which is the largest Cave in India? ⇒ It is Amarnath situated in Jammu and Kashmir.

 #  Which is the longest river in Southern India? ⇒ It is Godavari (1,465 kilometers long).

 #  Which is the longest Dam in India? ⇒ It is Hirakud Dam situated in Odisha.

What is the highest Gallantry Award in India? ⇒ It is Param Vir Chakra.

 #  Which is the highest award in India? ⇒ It is Bharat Ratna.

 #  The largest gurudwara in India is Golden Temple, at Amritsar.

 #  Which is the biggest Church in India? ⇒ It is Saint Cathedral at old Goa.

 #  Which is the tallest TV tower in India? ⇒ It is Pitampura located in Delhi.

 #  Which is the longest Sea Beach in India? ⇒ It is Marina Beach located in Chennai.

 #  Which is the highest road in India? ⇒ Road at Khardungla located at Leh-Manali sector.

 #  The largest artificial lake in India is  Govind Sagar situated on Bhakra Nangal river.

 #  Which is the deepest river valley in India? ⇒ It is Bhagirathi and Alaknanda.

 #  Which is the largest River without Delta in India? ⇒ it is Narmada and Tapti.

 #  Which is the Biggest river Island in India? ⇒ It is Majuli Brahmaputra river located in Assam.

 #  The largest Planetarium in India is Birla Planetarium located in Kolkata.

 #  Which is the highest Airport in India? ⇒ It is Leh Airport situated in Ladakh.

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