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Sources of Indian Constitution

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Sources of Indian Constitution – PDF: The Constitution of India distinguishes it from other countries because of its special features. We made this constitution by specially discussing and analyzing the constitutions of the well-known countries that were in force at that time. And the essence of most of its provisions has been taken from the constitutions of other countries in the past.

On the view of Dr. Ambedkar – “Surely one would ask, what could be the novelty of the constitution that was made at this time in the history of the world?

More than a hundred years have passed since the world’s first constitution was drafted. This is the national innovation that all the changes that have taken place have been made to rectify and adapt to the needs of the country.

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# Various Sources of Indian Constitution

Sources/CountriesList of Borrowed Features
Government of India Act 1935» Federal structure system
» Judiciary structure
» Public Service Commission (PSC)
» Emergency Provisions (National + states)
» The office of governor
Great Britain» Parliamentary System
» Law-making system
» Single citizenship
» Bicameral parliament system
» Speaker of the lower house
» Function of Prime minister
» Function of President
» Lower house is set to be strong
» Writs in the constitution
Soviet Russia» Social Justice, Economic Justice, and Political Justice
» 5-year plan
» Fundamental duties
Ireland» Members nominated by the President in the Rajya Sabha
» Presidential Election system
» Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP)
Australia» Concurrent List
» Joint sessions in both houses
» Freedom of trade between the states.
Canada» A quasi-federal system – strong centers
» Residuary powers of the Centre
» Power distribution between Centre and states governments
United State of America (USA)» Preambles,
» Fundamental Rights,
» Independence of the Judiciary system,
» Process Removal of Judges of the Supreme Court and High Court,
» Order of the State
South Africa» Procedure for amending the constitution.
» Election procedure of the Rajya Sabha members.
Germany» Emergency provision,
» Revocation of fundamental rights during an emergency
Sweden» Lokpal Bill
Japan» Rules of the Supreme Court
Borrowed features of indian constitution

Borrowed features of Indian constitution PDF

The constitution of India is the composition of the different constitutions of different countries around the world. Therefore this makes Indian constitution the longest written constitution in the world.


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