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Significant Battles / Wars In The World History

GK> Significant Battles / Wars In The World History

List of Wars in the History of World.

List of battles in the world history for general knowledge. In this list all the important battles from Battle of Marathon in 409 BC to Kargil war in 1999 are included.

Our world history is full of wars and myths. No history can ever be created without war. Some of theme are listed below.

 Battle/Wars Period/Years Involved Countries
 Battle of Marathon 409 BC Athenians and Persians. King Darius of Persia defeated.
 Battle of Salamis 408 BC Athenian fleet and Persian fleet in Bay of Salamis; Persian fleet defeated.
 Battle of Platae 479 BC Greek and Persian forces; Persian forces defeated.
 Battle of Mycale 479 BC Greek and Persian fleets; Persian fleet defeated.
 Spartan War I 459 BC Sparta and Athens, also called Peloponnese war, lasted for 30 years
 Spartan War II 431 BC Sparta and Athens; Spartans victorious.
 Battle of Arabia 331 BC Greek and Parisian forces; Greeks victorious.
 Hundred-Year War 1337-1485 France and England.
 Anglo-Spanish War 1588 Spanish and English fleets fought in the English Channel, defeat of the Spanish Armada
 Thirty-Years War 1618-1648 Started as religious-cum-political war between the Lutherans and Catholics in Germany and developed into an international war
 Civil war in England 1642-1649 In England: between Cavaliers (King Charles I supporters) and force of parliament led by Oliver Cromwell,King Charles I executed.
 Seven-Year War 1756-1763 Britain and France against Austria and Prussia; The British alliance won.
 Battle of the Nile 1805 British fleet defeated fleets of France and Spain. British fleets were commanded by Admiral Nelson, who was killed during the battle.
 Battle of Borodino 1812 France and Russia;
 First China War 1840 China and Britain, Chinese yielded, also known as the first opium war. It was a trade war.
 Balkan War I 1912 Turkey and Balkan countries ( Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece), Turkey defeated.
 Balkan War I1913 Invasion of Serbia and Greece by Bulgaria – Bulgaria defeated by combined forces of Serbia, Greece, Romania, Montenegro who stripped Turkey of Most of its European territories
 World War I 1914-1918 Germany (with Austria, Hungary, and Turkey) against Britain (with France, USA, Russia, Japan, Canada, Australia and Belgium); Britain and its allies were won
 World War II 1939-1345 Axis Power ( Germany, Italy and Japan) against the Allies (Britain, USSR, USA, France and several other countries); Axis powers were defeated.
 Desert War 1942 Italian Army form Libya invaded Egypt in order to attack British forces
 Isreal-Arab War 1967 Six days war, shortest war in History, Arab force led by Egypt, Syria and Jordan were defeated.
 Pakistan-Bangladesh War 1971 Mukti Bahini forces aided by India against the Pakistani forces stationed in Bangladesh.
 Kargil War 1999 India defeated Pakistan forces at Kargil.

In many competitive examinations these wars may come as a general knowledge. So you need to remember and for that you have to revise again and again.

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