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Preamble-Sources-of-Constitution MCQ set

[MCQ Set] Preamble-Sources of Indian Constitution> Objective GK


Objective Question Answers Preamble-Sources of Indian Constitution

[MCQ Set] Preamble-Sources of India Constitution > Dear readers, below we have chosen the most important MCQs from Preamble and Sources of Indian Constitution for your upcoming CGL IAS, UPSC, SSC and Railway examinations. But before attempting the following MCQs we advice to take a brief look on some important points regarding Preamble.

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Now ready to take the Quiz? Here you go…..

1. Which features of Indian constitution has borrowed from Germany?

A: Provision concerning suspension of fundamental rights during National Emergency

B: Idea of federation

C: Fundamental Duties

D: Fundamental Rights


Provision concerning suspension of fundamental rights during National Emergency.

2. Executive is responsible to Legislature;

The above features of Indian constitution is

A: True

B: False



3. Parliamentary system of Indian constitution is taken from which country?

A: United States

B: British

C: Canada

D: Russia



4. The Scheme of Indian federation in Indian constitution taken from –

[IAS 1992]

A: United State of America

B: Canada

C: United Kingdon

D: Ireland



5. The maximum percentage of Indian constitution taken from ?

[I Tax 1989]

A: United Kingdom

B: Russia

C: Ireland



United Kingdom

6. The common features of Indian and American Federation is – 

[IAS 1993]

A: Single Citizenship

B: Suspension of Fundamental rights during emergency

C: Executive is responsible to Judiciary

D: Federal Supreme court to interpret the constitution


Federal Supreme Court to interpret the constitution.

7. From which of the following revolution, the ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity‘ was derived into the Indian Constitution?

A: Germany revolution

B: USA revolution

C: French revolution

D: All of the above


French revolution

8. The President of which country has the same constitutional authority as the President of India has?

A: Britain


C: Japan

D: Russian



9. The real power of the State of India vested in a parliamentary form of government to which minister?

[Railway 1994]

A: Council Minister headed by the Prime Minister of India.

B: The President of India

C: The Speaker of Lok Shabha

D: Lt. governor


Council Minister headed by the Prime Minister of India.

10. Which is not a basic features of the Indian Constitution?

A: Presidential Government

B: Parliamentary Govt.

C: Federal govt.

D: Independence of Judiciary System


Presidential Government.

11. Fundamental Duties of Indian Constitution are taken from which of the following country?

A: Ireland

B: Russia

C: Netherlands

D: United Kingdom



12. The prior aim of the word ‘Socialist’ in Preamble is to –

A: remove inequality in economic and political status.

B: eliminate inequality in religious

C; Remove inequality in education

D: eliminate class based society.


Remove inequality in economic and political status.

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