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Post-Mauryan, Pre-Gupta Period – GK


Post-Mauryan, Pre-Gupta Period – General Knowledge

185 BC – 319 BC

Sunga Dynasty

Kanva Dynasty

Satavahana Dynasty

Chedi Dynasty

The Sakas

The Parthians

The Kushans

Sunga Dynasty (187 to 73 BC):

The founder of the Sunga Dynasty is “Pushyamitra Sunga“.

Agnimitra‘ is the son of Pushymitra. He is the hero of the drama ‘Mlalavikag Nimitram‘ Written by famous Kalidasa.

Pushyamitra tried to revive Vedic Practices and sacrifices, and ‘Bhagavata‘ religion becomes important.

Mahabhasya‘ was written by Patanjali at this time, who was the priest of 2 Asvamedha.

The Sunga was able to control only the part of the erstwhile Mauryan Empire.

Kanva Dynasty (73 – 28 BC):

Vasudeva founded the Kanva dynasty in 79 BC.

They were swept away by Satavahanas.

Satavahana Dynasty (60 – 225):

Simuka was the founder of this dynasty.

They were the successor of the Maurya in the Decan and central India.

The most important king of this dynasty is the Gautamiputra Satakarni who raised its power and prestige by conquests. He set up his capital at Paithan in the Aurangabad district.

They started the practice of donating land with fiscal to the Priests and Buddhist monks.

Pratik‘ was the official language of this dynasty.

30th or the last ruler of the ‘Satavahana‘ dynasty was Pulamavi-III.

Chedi Dynasty of Kalinga:

The ‘Hitigumpha” inscription of Kharavela provides information about this dynasty. ‘Kharavela‘ was the third ruler of Chedi.

He was a follower of Jainism and constructed a cave on Udaygiri hill for the Jain monks.


The Sakas:

Maues‘ is the first Saka king in India. Who established Saka power in Gandhara.

Rudradaman is the most famous and active Saka ruler in India. he is famous for his military and public works. His achievements are highlighted in his Junagarh inscription. It is the first major inscription written in Sanskrit.

The Parthians:

The Parthians or Pahlavas originally lived in Iran. They replaced Saka in a small part in North-Western India.

The most famous king was Gondaphernes. To his court came St. Thomas, who first propagate Christianity in India.

The Kushans:

The Kushans dynasty was founded by Kujul Kadphises. The last king was Vim Kadphises who issued gold coins in India for the first time.

Vim was succeeded by Kanishka, the most famous king of Kushan ruler.

The Kushan empire reached its Zenith under Kanishka, Oeskgawar or Purushpur was his first capital. The second capital was Mathura.

he also got converted to Buddhism in the 4th council, held in Kundalavana, Kashmir. he was also a patron of Art and Sanskrit Literature.

Vasudeva was the last great Kushan ruler.

Parsva, Vasumitra, Asvaghosa, Nagarjuna, Charak, and Mathara were some important scholars who found patronage in the royal court of Kanishka.


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