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[Set-2] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams


MCQ-1> Which one of the following is not produced by the burning of fossil fuels?

A) NO2
B) Na2O
C) SO2
D) CO2

Answer – B) Na2O

MCQ-2> The fraction 1/273 in Charles’s law is known as

A) Volume coefficient
B) Pressure coefficient
C) Both volume and pressure coefficient
D:) None of these

Answer – A) Volume coefficient

MCQ-3> The value of thermal conductivity of an ideal insulator is

A) 0
B) 1
C) 100
D) Infinity

Answer – D) infinity

MCQ-4>. The portion where image is formed in human eye is

A) eye lens
B) eyeball
C) blind spot
D) Retina

Answer – Retina

MCQ-5> Which color of the light deviated least through a prism?

A) Red
B) Yellow
C) Violet
D) Green

Answer – Red

MCQ-6> Flow of charge per second is known as –

A) electric potential
B) electric current
C) resistance
D) capacitance

Answer – electric current

MCQ-7> If the equivalent resistance of R1

, R2 and R3 (R1> R2 >R3) is R in a parallel combination, then –

A) R > R2
B) R > R1
C) R > R3
D) R < R3

Answer – D) R < R3

MCQ-8> What is the unit of work?

A) Jule
B) N/S
C) Watt
D) Jule/second

Answer – A) Jule

MCQ-9> The dimension of linear expansion coefficient is [M0L0T0K-1]. The statement is –

A) True
B) False

Answer – True

MCQ-10> Which mirror produces virtual and diminished image?

A) Convex Mirror
B) Concave Mirror
C) Both
D) None

Answer – A) Convex mirror


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