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NCERT CBSE The Earth: Our Habitat - Geography Text Book PDF Download

[NCERT Class 6] The Earth: Our Habitat – Geography Textbook [PDF]


NCERT CBSE The Earth: Our Habitat – Geography Book

Geography Book: The Earth: Our Habitat

Class: Six (VI)

Medium: English


Format: PDF

Size: 17.5 MB

Geography book Class 6 “The Earth: Our Habitat” pdf provided details analysis about the earth in our solar system, motion or earth and many other interesting topics. So that a student of class six student can learn basic geography. The book covers with colourful pictures so that a student may be interested to learn this subject. You can buy a hard copy of this book from online store. Otherwise you may download a copy of this geography book from official website ncert. nic. in.

We do not intended to violate copyright Law as we do not sell or profit from this book.

Contents :

Chapter 1. The Earth in the Solar System...... Page 1
Chapter 2. Globe : Latitudes and Longitudes... Page 10
Chapter 3. Motions of the Earth.............. Page 18
Chapter 4. Maps.............................. Page 23
Chapter 5. Major Domains of the Earth........ Page 30
Chapter 6. Major Landforms of the Earth...... Page 39
Chapter 7. Our Country – India............... Page 47
Chapter 8. India : Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife.. Page 56

NCERT CBSE The Earth: Our Habitat – Geography Text Book PDF Download

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