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NCERT Class 4> Mathematics: Math-Magic / "Ganit ka Jadu" [pdf]

NCERT Class 4> Mathematics: Math-Magic / “Ganit ka Jadu” [pdf]

NCERT Class 4> Mathematics: Math-Magic

Mathematics book “Math-Magic” in English language and “Ganit ka Jadu” in Hindi language for NCERT/CBSE Class 4 Download in pdf format for free.

 Math-Magic in English Download Links
 Content Download As PDF
 Chapter-1 Building With Bricks Download As PDF
 Chapter-2 Long And Short Download As PDF
 Chapter-3 A Trip to Bhopal Download As PDF
 Chapter-4 Tick Tick Tick Download As PDF
 Chapter-5 The way the world Download As PDF
 Chapter-6 The Junk Seller Download As PDF
 Chapter-7 Jugs and Mugs Download As PDF
 Chapter-8 Carts and wheel Download As PDF
 Chapter-9 Halves and quarters Download As PDF
 Chapter-10 Play with Patterns Download As PDF
 Chapter-11 Tables and Shares Download As PDF
 Chapter-12 How Heavy Download As PDF
 Chapter-13 Fields and Fences Download As PDF
 Chapter-14 Smarts Charts Download As PDF
 All Chapters English Download As ZIP
 Size: 73 MB ⇑
 Ganit ka Jadu in Hindi Download Here
 Size 36 MB ⇑

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