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NCERT Class 1 Mathematics Book PDF Format

Math-Magic Class 1 | Math-Magic NCERT Textbook Single pdf


NCERT Class 1 Mathematics Book PDF Format

Name Of The Book: Math-Magic

Book NameMath-Magic
Class1 One
File FormatPDF ZIP
File Size61 MB
Math-Magic Class 1 at a glance

Contents with download links

1NoteTeachers NotesDownload
2Chapters 1Shapes and SpaceDownload
4Chapters 2Numbers from One to NineDownload
5Chapters 3AdditionDownload
6Chapters 4SubtractionDownload
7Chapters 5Numbers from Ten to TwentyDownload
8Chapters 6TimeDownload
9Chapters 7MeasurementDownload
10Chapters 8Numbers from Twenty-one to FiftyDownload
11Chapters 9Data HandlingDownload
12Chapters 10PatternsDownload
13Chapters 11NumbersDownload
14Chapters 12MoneyDownload
15Chapters 13How ManyDownload
16All/PDFMath Magic All Chapters Single PDFPDf
17ZIPMath Magic all Chapters as ZIPZIP
NCERT Math Magic PDF Download class 1
NOTE: Math Magic for class 1 of NCERT is copyrighted by ncert .nic. in. This book is only for promotional purpose.
How to download Math Magic for class 1?

Math Magic is a book for class 1 students. You can download this book form ncert. nic. in, which is official website. However, provides download links.

How many chapters in Math Magic for class 1?

There are a total of 13 chapters for class 1 students. It is recommended to read all chapters carefully.

Why Math Magic book is important for class 1?

Because this book contains basic ideas that help to learn quickly and effectively.

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