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NCERT/CBSE Class-2 Math-Magic Ganit ka Jadu PDF Download

NCERT> Class-2 “Math-Magic” pdf

“Math-Magic” NCERT CBSE Class 2 Text Book PDF Format

Name Of The Book : Math-Magic 2 / Ganit ka Jadu 2

Here you can download the book chapter wise for your requirements. Please note that we do not store any book on our server. We recommend you to buy this book form store.

Inside The Book Or Contains

Chapter No.ChapterPage No.
Chapter 1What is Long, What is Round?1
Chapter 2Counting in Groups9
Chapter,3How Much Can You Carry?18
Chapter 4Counting in Tens24
Chapter 5Patterns30
Chapter 6Footprints39
Chapter 7Jugs and Mugs 47
Chapter 8Tens and Ones 56
Chapter 9My Funday 66
Chapter 10Add our Points 76
Chapter 11Lines and Lines 84
Chapter 12Give and Take 90
Chapter 13The Longest Step 104
Chapter 14Birds Come, Birds Go 111
Chapter 15How Many Ponytails? 124

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