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Marigold – Class 2 NCERT Textbook PDF


Name Of The Book : Marigold (Class 2)

Book NameMarigold
Class2, Two, II
BoardNCERT, CBSE, Central Board
File FormatPDF
File Size16 MB

NCERT CBSE Class 2 English Text Book Marigold PDF Download

Content with download links:

  • Unit – 1: First Day at School (Haldi’s Adventure). ⇒ Download PDF
  • Unit-2: I am Lucky! (I Want). ⇒ Download PDF
  • Unit- 3: A Smile (The Wind and the Sun). ⇒ Download PDF
  • Unit – 4: Rain (Storm in the Garden). ⇒ Download PDF
  • Unit 5: Zoo Manners (Funny Bunny). ⇒ Download PDF
  • Unit- 6: Mr. Nobody (Curlylocks and the Three Bears). ⇒ Download PDF
  • Unit- 7: On My Blackboard I can Draw (Make it Shorter). ⇒ Download PDF
  • Unit- 8: I am the Music Man (The Mumbai Musicians). ⇒ Download PDF
  • Unit- 9: Granny Granny Please Comb my Hair (The Magic Porridge Pot). ⇒ Download PDF
  • Unit-10: Strange Talk (The Grasshopper and the Ant). ⇒ Download PDF

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