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GK> List of National Parks + Wildlife Sanctuary in Bihar


Important National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuary in Bihar

What are the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuary in Bihar? Here are the most important parks and sanctuaries from Bihar are given below with small description. I advice you to remember all these for your latest upcoming examination for the jobs like Banking, railway, MTS, CGL SSC, UPSC and IAS.

Bihar is a beautiful state of India with amazing landscape and historical patterns and sites such as Bodh Gaya where Gautama Buddha obtained Enlightenment. List of all important National Parks + Wildlife Sanctuaries are discussed below.

Valmiki National Park Wildlife Sanctuary :

Valmiki national Park is established in 1989 and covered across 340 sq km. Previous it was a wildlife sanctuary (area is 550 sq km.) till 1978. It is located at West Champaran district of Bihar. This park is famous for the Royal Bengal Tigers, rhinoceros  and bison. Huge number of flying fox i.e a kind of bat are also observed here. It has vast grass land and a large number of wild cats move across this land. The best time to visit here is winter.

Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary :

Established in 1992 and covered up across 1350 sq km area. It is located at Kaimur Hills range (Kaimur District of Bihar) where beautiful lakes are present. This is the largest Wildlife Sanctuary in Bihar. It is famous for Black Buck. The best time to visit here is also winter season because many species specially the birds come here and increase the beauty of this sanctuary. This is also famous for historical terracotta painting, caves etc.


Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary :

The Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary is located at Nalanda district of Bihar state.  This is established in 1976 and covered up across 150 sq km. Various medicinal plants as flora and deer, leopards etc make this sanctuary important and differentiate form others.

Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin  WildLife Sanctuary :

As its name suggests that Vikramshila Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its Dolphins. It is established in 1991 and located at Bhagalpur district of Bihar. Not only Dolphin but its biodiversity is also rich for its aquatic wildlife. It spread over 55 sq km. Total number of Gangetic dolphins in the world is approximately 1500, but half of them are found here.

Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary :

Established in 1987 and located at Begusarai district of Bihar. It spread across 70 sq km. Kabar Taal Lake increase its importance, which is the largest Asia’s largest freshwater oxbow lake. This is the famous place for the birds lovers. This is the home of thousands of birds.

Bhimbandh WildLife Sanctuary :

Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary established in 1975 and covered across 700 sq km, situated in Munger district of Bihar state.

Gautam Budha WildLife Sanctuary :

Established in 11976 and spread over 140 sq km, situated in Gaya district of Bihar  Koderma district of Jharkhand. Leopard and Elephant are the important animals.

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