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Tughlaq-Dynasty objective questions with answers

[MCQ Set] Tughlaq Dynasty – Objective Question Answers GK


Tughlaq Dynasty Objective Questions Answers

A set of 10 important MCQs from the Tughlaq Dynasty > The first set contained 10 questions. Increase your general knowledge with the following questions by challenging yourself. Be ready to give answers in the competitive exams.

GK> Tughlaq Dynasty Important Points

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1.  The founder of Tughlaq Dynasty was __________.

[Railway 2006, CDS 1999]

A: Mohammad Bin Tughlaq

B: Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

C: Firoz Shah Tughlaq

D: Nasiruddin Mohammad Tughlaq


Ghyasuddin Tughlaq

2. The real name of Ghyasuddin Tughlaq was _______.

[IES 2001]

A: Ghazi Kafur

B: Ghazi Malik

C: Qaraunah Turk

D: Zafar Khan


Ghazi Malik

3. “Wisest fool” was known to which Tughlaq King?

[IAS 1990]

A: Mohammad bin Tughlaq

B: Firoz Shah Tughlaq

C: Ghyasudding Tughlaq

D: None of These


Mohammad bin Tughlaq

4. “Ill starred idealist” was known to which ruler?


A: Iltutmish

B: Mohammad bin Tughlaq

C: Alauddin Khalji

D: Kutubuddin Aibek


Muhammad bin Tughlaq

5. Which person described Muhammad bin Tughlaq as ‘ill-starred Idealist’?

[UP PSC 2000]

A: Ibn Batuta

B: Malik Kafur

C: Nadir Shah

D: Fahien


Ibn Batuta

6. Tughlaqabad fort built by which Tughlaq ruler?

[IAS 1991]

A: Ghyasuddin Tughlaq

B: Mohammad bin Tughlaq

C: Firoz Shah

D: Nadir Shah


Ghyasuddin Tughlaq

7. During which reign Ibn Batuta from Morocco came to India?

[SSC 2008, Railway 2006]

A: Alauddin Khilji

B: Mohammad bin Tughlaq

C: Ghiasuddin Balban

D: Qutubuddin Aibek


Mohammad bin tughlaq

8. A taxation system called Jiziya or non-Muslim was introduced by which ruler?

[CDS 2002]

A: Firoz Shah Tughlaq

B: Ghazi Malik

C: Nasiruddin Shah

D: Muhammad bin Tughlaq


Firoz Shah Tughlaq

9. Music system banned by _______ Tughlaq sultan?

A: Ghyasuddin Tughlaq

B: Firoz Shah

C: Balban

D: Abu Bakr Shah


Ghyasuddin Tughlaq

10. The last ruler of Tughlaq Dynasty was ________?

[Asst. Comm. 1994]

A: Nasiruddin Mahmud Tughlaq

B: Abu Bakr Shah

C: Muhammad Shah Tughlaq

D: Alauddin Sikandar Shah


Muhammad Shah Tughlaq

11. Who introduced the Persian Festival of Nauroj in India?

[IAS 1993]

A: Balban

B: Ghyasuddin Tughlaq

C: Firuz Shah

D: Iltutmish



12. The oldest monument is –

A: Ajanta

B: Taj Mahal

C: Qutub Minar

D: Charminar



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