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General knowledge objective type Q&A Atmosphere

[MCQ Set] Earth Atmosphere > GK Objective Question Answers [PDF]


MCQ on Earth Atmosphere

MCQs on earth atmosphere are very very sensitive. Because now a days, our atmosphere is going to be more and more polluted. So examiners always try to know that how much the candidates or students are aware about our atmosphere. A set of Important objective type questions with answers (Quiz Format) about Earth Atmosphere for IAS, UPSC, Banking SSC Railway SSC CGL MTS and CHSL govt job examinations.

Answers of each of multiple choice questions on atmosphere are hidden under the black box. Just click or keep the mouse cursor on it to view the answers.

Q.1 In which regions of United State of America receives heavy rainfall throughout the year due to Westerlies?

[IAS 2009]

A: North Western region

B: North Eastern region

C: South Western Region

D: South Eastern region

Answer-North Western

Q.2 What is known the cold and dense air blowing down from the mountain slope during the night?

A: Anabatic Wind

B: Katabatic wind

C: Lue Wind

D: Khamsin wind

Answer-Katabatic wind

Q.3 Due to the rotation of earth, wind get deflected in a particular direction, – is known as –

[NDA 1994]

A: Geostropic Wind

B: Tornedo

C: Polar wind

D: Nor westers

Answer-Geostropic wind

Q.4 ________ is not tropical cyclone.

[NDA 1994]

A: Tornadoes

B: Typhon

C: Hurricanes

D: Trade winds

Answer-Trade winds

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Q.5 Choose the correct from the following options that a temperate cyclones bring along with them.

A: Mild rainfall

B: Acid rain

C: Thunder Strom

D: Harmattan

Answer-Mild rainfall

Q.6 Which chemically neutral gas present in earth atmosphere?

A: Oxygen

B: Carbon-di-oxide

C: Argon

D: Methene


Q.7 What is doldrums?

[NDA 1995]

A: Equatorial zone with low pressure

B: Equatorial zone with high pressure

C: Polar region with snow fall

D: Horse latitudes

Answer-Equatorial region with pressure

Q.8 Why atmospheric pressure exerted on earth?

A: Due to gravitation of earth

B: Due to rotation of earth

C: Due to heat of atmosphere

D: sun ray fall on atmosphere

Answer-Due to gravitation of earth each particle which have mass, earth attract them –

Q.9 When sea breeze blows?

[Senior Observer’s Exam 1991]

A: At day time from land to sea

B: At day time from sea to land.

C: At night-time from sea to mountain

D: At night-time from mountain to sea

Answer-At day time from land to sea

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Q.10 The direction of wind measured by which of the following instrument?

A: Hygrometer

B: Wind gauze

C: Barometer

D: Multimeter

Answer-Wind gauze

Q.11 ________ an ascent of 300 feet is known as lapse rate?

[IFS 1998]

A: Wind speed

B: Humidity

C: temperature

D: Pressure


Q.12 Form the climatic point of view which is important?

[IFS 1993]

A: Oxygen

B: Carbon dioxide

C: Methene

D: nitrogen

Answer: Carbon dioxide

Q.13 Why the trade wind blows?

A: Due to rotation of earth

B: Due to heating effects on the earth surface

C: movement of air along earth’s surface to ward equator

D: Due to atmospheric pressure.

Answer: C

Q.14 Why temperature decreases towards to pole?

[IAS 2004]

A: Air moves towards the equator.

B: Cold heavy air prevent to reach sun’s heat to ground.

C: Cold surface do not absorb solar energy.

D: Progressively lesser solar energy per unit area falls on the earth’s surface as we move to polar regions.

Answer- Option D

Q.15 Find the correct statement.

[IAS 2004]

A: Jet streams are best developed in winters.

B: Jet streams have often developed oscillations.

C: Both are wrong

D: Both are correct

Answer- Both statements are correct

Q.16 Which gas is second maximum by volume in the earth atmosphere?

A: Nitrogen

BL Oxygen

C: Carbon Dioxide

D: Argon

Answer- Oxygen

Q.17 When the temperature of air become lowest?

A: At mid night

B: At 3 a.m

C: Just before sun rise

D: no fixed time.

Answer- Just before sun rise

Q.18 Water vapor contain in the atmosphere

A: independent of temperature

B: decrease as temperature increases

C: increase as temperature decreases

D: may increase or decrease as temperature decreases

Answer- Options B

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