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MCQ on Nature & Planning of Indian Economy

[MCQ Set 2] Nature of Indian Economy / Planning > GK [PDF]


Objective Question Answers of Nature of Indian Economy / Planning

Second set of Multiple choice question and answers from Nature of India Economy / Planning is updated in this post. The best selection of objective questions are included for your upcoming examinations.

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Q.1  Among the following options ________ is not a duty of planning commission.

[NDA 2003]

A: Define the stage of growth.

B: Tu build an assessment of capital and human resources.

C: Suggesting allocation of resources.

D: Preparing annual central budget.


Preparing annual central budget.

Q.2 Which is the achievements of Indian Planning?

A: to develop strong infrastructure.

B: Distinction of industry and exports.

C: High growth of GDP.

D: manage the price of commodities.

Answer :

To develop strong infrastructure.

Q.3 A long term objective of Indian planning is ________.

[IAS 1998]

A: Self reliance.

B: Blooming the infrastructure.

C: Increase 7 percent per year

D: Productive employment generation.



Q.4 What is the character of underdeveloped economy?

A: low per capital income.

B: high per capital income.

C: development on tertiary sector.

D: low dependency figure.


low per capital income.

Q.5 Which of the following option is correct regarding the most dominant public sector in India?

[IAS 1993]

A: Transport

B: Agriculture

C: commercial banking

D: Iron and steel production.


Commercial banking.

Q.6 Who recommended the decentralisation system?

A: Jawharlal Nehru

B: Balwant Rai Mehta

C: Shri V.T. Krishnamachari

D: C. Rajagopalachari


Balwant Rai Mehta

Q.7 What was the main objective of first five year plan?

[SSC 2009]

A: Development of industry.

B: Focus on import export system

C: development of agriculture and irrigation.

D: self-reliance.


Development of agriculture and irrigation.

Q.8 When our country India had plan holiday?

[CPO AC 2003]

A: After the independence.

B: After Indo-Pak war 1965

C: After drought of 1966

D: After Indo-China war 1962.


After drought of 1966.

Q.9 Growth rate exceeded the target in ________ five year plan?

A: First

B: Second

C: Third

D: Foruth


First five year plan. Target rate 2.1 % Growth rate was 3.6%.

Q.10 In which Five Year Plan ‘minimum needs’ and ‘directed anti-poverty programmes’ were included?

[CDS 2004]

A: First

B: Third

C: Fifth

D: Fourth



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