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Preamble-Sources-of-Constitution MCQ set

[MCQ Set 1] Preamble-Sources of Indian Constitution> Objective GK

Preamble & Sources of Indian Constitution Quiz

GK> Preamble of Indian Constitution + Study Notes

1. Which part of the Indian constitution reflects the mind and ideals if the framers?

A: The Preamble

B: Fundamental Rights

C: Fundamental Duties

D: Federal system of Indian constitution


The Preamble

2. Which statement determine that Indian constitution is a federal?

[IAS 1994]

A: power distribution between states and central government

B: Independent Judiciary System

C: Bulky as well as flexible constitution

D: Separation of religious from states.


Power distribution between States and central government.

3. What kind of Indian constitution is ?

A: Only federal

B: only unitary

C: only parliamentary

D: federal in form and unitary in sprite.


Federal in form and unitary in sprite.

4. Preamble is not enforceable in a court of law –

A: True

B: False



5. The Preamble of Indian constitutional taken from –

A: Canada


C: Britain

D: Netherlands



6. In preamble the word ‘Secularism’ mean –

[RRB 1994]

A: Minorities have freedom to worshiped their Gods.

B: Religious festivals prohibited

C: System that does not favor any religion

D: Suppression of all religions



7. In a federal state 

[I. Tax exam 1993]

A: States are more powerful than central government

B: States are less powerful than Central government

C: Both state and center have same power

D: independent of each other



8. What is the main reason to opt a federal form of government in India?

A: India is a large country and its territory is vast.

B: Linguistic and regional diversity exist in India

C: Large cultural integration

D: for administration convenience.



9. Why India is a democratic republic?

A: Because minister of states are elected by the people

B: All the ministers are appointed by Central government

C: independent judiciary system of states and central govt.

D: parliamentary supremacy



10. Preamble of our constitution is ________ of the constitution.

A: part

B: sprite

C: granted power

D: other



11. On 13 December, who among the following removed the ‘Objective Resolution’ from preamble ?

[CDS 2009]

A: Jawaharlal Nehru

B: Dr. Ambedkar

C: B.V. Patel

D: J.C. Kripalini


Jawaharlal Nehru.

12. Amendment of Constitution taken form

A: South Africa

B: Irish

B: Canada

D: Germany


South Africa.

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