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Mughal Empire General Knowledge Short Q&A

[MCQ Set 1] Mughal Period> Babar-Humayun-Akbar-Jahangir-Shah Jahan-Aurangzeb


MCQ on Mughal empire

[MCQ Set 1] Mughal Period > Another set of multiple-choice questions with answers or objective general knowledge (GK) from the Mughal Empire. Rulers from the Mughal period were Babar Humayun Akbar Jahangir-Shah Jahan Aurangzeb.

Mughal Empire > GK + Study Notes

1. What was the main reason to win the battle of Panipat by Babar?

[Teacher Exam 1994]

A: Military skill was great

B: He was very clever in his technique of war.

C: Tulughma System

D: Both A and B


Both A and B.

2. Which of the following location did Babar die?

A: Agra

B: Kabul

C: Delhi

D: Lahore



3. Which Mughal king died by a sudden fall from the staircase?

A: Babur

B: Akbar

C: Jahangir

D: Humayun



4. Which Mughal king was more adventurer than a ruler?

A: Babar

B: Akbar

C: Shahjahan

D: Aurangzeb



5. Akbar’s court poet was –

A: Tulsidas

B: Abdur Rahim Khan I Khanan

C: Amir Khasru

D: Todaram


Abdur Rahim Khani I Khanan

6. Akbar created _______ .

A: Agra Fort

B: Daulatabad City

C: Red Fort

D: Firozabad


Agra Fort

7. The Ruler of Gwalior gives the Kohinoor Diamond to which Mughal Badsha?

A: Akbar

B: Jahangir

C: Humayun

D: Shahjahan



8. _____ was mentioned in a book by Abul Fazal.

[IAS 1997]

A: Discovery of America

B: Discovery of West Indies

C: Discovery of Thailand

D: Discovery of Japan


Discovery of America

9. Who was the head of the military department of Akbar’s reign?

[IAS 1997]

A: Mir Bakshi

B: Diwan

C: Amir Khasru

D: Surdas


Mir Bakshi

10. ‘Hereditary grant of Jaigirs‘ was one of the features of the Mansabdari system.

This statement is –

A: True

B: False



11. Ibadat Khana, during the reign of Akbar, is a famous structure in –

[CDS 1995, 1996]

A: Fathepur Sikri

B: Agra fort

C: Sikandarabad

D: Delhi


Fathepur Sikri

12. In the Mansabdari system, the word stand ‘Mansab’ stand for –

A: a rank

B: tax

C: agricultural land

D: priest


A rank

13. Among which of the following options, Sher Shah was well-known?

A: Land Revenue system

B: Market control

C: Mansabdari system

D: War technique


Land revenue system.

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