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[MCQ Set 1] Earth : Associated Facts> GK Objective Type Questions [PDF]

[MCQ Set-1] Earth : Associated Facts > GK Quiz [PDF]


MCQ On Earth Related : Objective Type Questions

MCQ on Earth: Another set of Multiple Choice Questions with Answers about Earth and its associated facts. If you are looking for topic wise Multiple choice Question for quiz test then you are in the right place. We provide most important objective type questions for your upcoming govt job examinations like CGL, SSC, IAS, UPSC Railway etc.

Earth is the only planet on the solar system where life exists. Its radius is approximately 6400 km. Its configurations, atmosphere and magnetic field allow to exist life on it. Below are some important Geography MCQ for you. Good luck.

1. The height from the earth of Geostationary orbit is situated is –

A: 36,000 km

B: 62,000 km

C: 22,000 km

D: 43,000 km


36,000 km. In this orbit satellite orbits with same angular velocity with the earth.

2. When does the Earth comes to the closest distance to the Sun?

A: On 22 Dec.

B: On 3rd Jan

C: On 23rd Sept

D: 21st Jun


On 3rd Jan.

3. When does the Earth comes to the farthest  from to Sun?

A: 21st Jun

B: 23 Jul

C: 4th Jul

D: Dec 22nd


4th Jul

4. The axis of rotation of Earth points towards –

[NDA 1991]

A: To the moon

B: to the polar star

C: to the Black hole

D: to the Sun


To the polar star.

5. The part of Earth absorbed highest amount of heat is –

A: Tropical Desert

B: Equator

C: Pole

D: Ocean


Tropical desert. Explanation: Sun ray falls perpendicularly.

6. Name of the city which does not have same time with other city in a country is –

[IAS 2007]

A: London

B: Beijing

C: Moscow

D: Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa

7. Heaviest density of mineral material found in which part of the Earth?

A: Crust

B: Center of the Core

C: Mantle

D: No such rule



Center of the Core

8. Which part of the Earth is most difficult to map?

A: Interior of the Earth

B: Mountains

C: Sea

D: Plateaus


Interior of the Earth

9. Which energy is stored in the tide of ocean?

[CDS 1994]

A: Hydraulic

B: Potential

C: Kinetic

D: All of above


All of above

10. At the beginning of life earth atmosphere contained of –

[UDC 1992]

A: Only oxygen

B: only carbon-Di-oxide

C: only nitrogen

D: oxygen bound to carbon


Oxygen bound to carbon

11. In which part of the Earth the season would not changed?

[CDS 2002]

A: Equator

B: Polar

C: Tropical region

D: depend on other factors


Polar region

12. What does latitude of a place indicate?

[Asstt Comm PF 2002]

A: Temperature

B: Time

C: Rainfall

D: height from the earth surface



13. What is the name of the part on which mantle floats?

[IAS 2003]

A: Lithosphere

B: Mesosphere

C: Asthenosphere

D: Biosphere



14. Why tides are very from various place on the ocean?

[IAS 2003]

A: Because of movement of Earth

B: Irregular shape of earth

C: movement of earth around sun

D: All the above


All the above.

15. If moon is seen in a particular place on the sky at 6:48 p.m. When it will be seen on the same place on the sky after 4 days?

[IAS 2002]

A: At 10 PM

B: at 10:48 PM

C: at 9:28 PM

D: At 8:30 PM


at 10:00 PM

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