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MCQ on Work Power Energy [Objective Type Physics Quiz Set]


Objective Questions Answer on Work Power Energy

Multiple Choice Questions on work energy and power for class 10. Some state boards this topic is in class 9.

Before practicing these mcqs read General knowledge on work power and energy.

Read: Work Power Energy > Important Physics GK [PDF]

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Q.1 What is the SI unit of Work?

A: Joule
B: erg
C: g-cm
D: Watt



Q.2 1 joule = ________ erg.

A: 109
B: 105
C: 107
D: 1010



Q.3 Which of the followings is an example of work done against force?

A: Getting up with the stairs
B: Get down with the stairs
C: Walking on the flat ground
D: Dropping any object down from the top


Getting up with the stairs

Q.4 What happens to its potential energy when an object is taken to high altitude?

A: Its potential energy increases
B: Its potential energy decreases
C: Its potential energy remain same
D: None of the above


Its potential energy increases.

Q.5 What is the unit of energy in SI system?

A: Joule
B: erg
C: Watt
D: Newton



Q.6 What is the unit of energy in c.g.s system?

A: dyne
B: erg
C: newton-meter/second
D: dyne-cm/second



Q.7 What is energy?

A: energy is the rate of change of work done;
B: It is the ability to do work;
C: Both A and B;
D: none of the above;


It is the ability to do work;

Q.8 The rate of change of work is _______ .

A: Power
B: Force
C: Momentum
D: Energy



Q.9 What is the unit of power?

A: Watt
B: Newton
C: Joule
D: Newton-meter



Q.10 Potential energy = mass × ________ × height.

A: Displacement
B: Velocity
C: Density
D: Gravitational acceleration


Gravitational acceleration.

Q.11 1 Horse Power (HP) = _________ Watt.

A: 446
B: 766
C: 746
D: 674


746 watt

Q.12 If a person walk on horizontal road with a suitcase on his hand then the work done is zero.

A: This statement is true;
B: This statement is false;


This statement is true;

Q.13 What is the formula of work done?


A: Work done = force × displacement;
B: Work done = force × velocity;
C: Work done = pressure × displacement
D: Work done = mass × acceleration;


work done = force × displacement;

Q.14 An object of mass 200 g moving with velocity 50 cm/s. What is its kinetic energy?

A: 2.1 × 105 erg
B: 2.0 × 105 erg
C: 2.8 × 105 erg
D: 2.5 × 105 erg


2.5 × 105 erg

Q.15 Which of the following is true?

A: Power = work done × time;
B: Power = work done/time;
C; Power = work done × velocity;
D: Power = work done/ velocity;


Power = work done/time;

Q.16 A machine do a work of 100 joule in 20 second. What is its power?

A: 120 watt
B: 80 watt
C: 5 watt
D: 2000 watt


5 watt.

Q.17 Which of the following is equal with Newton-meter?

A: Joule
B: Horse Power
C: Watt
D: Pascal



Q.18 Erg is related to –

A: dyne-cm
B: dyne/secon
C: dyne-second
D: dyne/cm



Q.19 Due to application of 5 N force an object moves 10 meter along perpendicular direction of the force. What amount work is done?

A: 50 Joule
B: 15 Joule
C: 5 Joule
D: 0 Joule


Work done is zero

Q.20 Joule/second is related to –

A: Watt
B: Newton
C: Pascal
B: Torr



Q.21 A particle is thrown upward with some kinetic energy. What happened to its kinetic energy at the highest point or height it reaches.

A: Its kinetic energy is lost;
B: It’s all kinetic energy is absorbed by the air;
C: Its kinetic energy is converted to potential energy;
D: Its kinetic energy is remain same;


Its kinetic energy is totally converted to potential energy;

Q.22 What is the formula of potential energy?

A: mv2
B: mgh
C: mgh2
D: ρgh



Q.23 What is the formula of kinetic energy?

A: (1/2)mv2
B: mv2
C: mgh
D: p∫dv



Q.24 When a body falls from a height, its total mechanical energy remain same. The statement is –

A: True
B: False



MCQ on Work Power Energy (pdf) for competitive exams specially for Railway technician, loco pilot, NDA, CDS and IAS. This is a physics quiz practice set 1 provided by All important questions are listed with answer.

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