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MCQ on Revolt of 1857 PDF

[MCQ Set] Revolt of 1857 (Sepoy Mutiny) – Objective Questions Answer


Revolt of 1857 important GK Questions answers PDF.

Revolt of 1857 (Sepoy Mutiny) multiple choice questions for your upcoming exams like SSC, CGL, IAS Railway etc.

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GK> Revolt of 1857 – Sepoy Mutiny – Study Notes [PDF]

Q.1 Which place is not a center of sepoy mutiny?

[RAS/RTS 2012]

A: Ajmer
B: Neemuch
C: Arrah
D: Jaipur



Q.2 Which british person admitted that the sepoy mutiny was the first national movement of India?

A: Lord Rippon
B: Lord Willimson
C: Disraeli
D: Lord Minto



Q.3 Most important of revolt of 1857 was –

A: lack of modern weapons
B: lack of coordination among the rebel and union
C: Lack of discipline among the rebel
D: All the above


D all the above

Q.4 Match the following

[NDA 2013]

a> Mappila outbreak                  i> Maharashtra
b> Ramosi peasant force           ii> Bengal
c> Kuka revolt                           iii> Malabar
d> Pabna revolt                         iv> Punjab

A: a>3; b>1; c>4; d>2;
B: a>3; b>4; c>1; d>2;
C: a>2; b>4; c>1; d>3;
D: a>2; b>1; c>4; d>3;


A – a>3; b>1; c>4; d>2;

Q.5 Which leader’s death of 1857 was unknown?

A: Nana Shaheb
B: Tatia Topi
C: Lakshmibai Rani Jhansi
D: Shah Jafar



Q.6 Where did Kunwar Singh and Maulvi Ahmadullah lead the sepoy mutiny?

[IAS 1993]

A: Arrah and Faizabad;
B: Lucknow and meerut;
C: Punjab and kolkata;
D: Arrah and patna;


Arrah and Faizabad;

Q.7 Match the following.

[Railway group D 2006]

a> Rani Lakshmibai     i> Jhasni
b> Bahadur Shah II     ii> Delhi
c> Tatya topi             iii> Kanpur
d> Begum Mahal       iv> Lucknow


A: a>1; b>2; c>3; d>4;
B: a>1; b>3; c>2; d>4;
C: a>4; b>3; c>2; d>1;
D: a>1; b>2; c>4; d>3;


A a>1; b>2; c>3; d>4;

Q.8 “Revolt of 1857 was an extension of social progress the English had already initiated” Who among the following said that?

A: Karl Marx
B: Adam Smith
C: Max Morn
D: Devid Mular


Karl Marx

Q.9 Queen Victoria’s Proclamation in the year 1858 was

[UPSC 2014]

  1. To disclaim any intention to annex Indian states.
  2. To place the Indian administration under the British Crown.
  3. To regulate East India Company’s trade with India.

A: Only option 1 correct;
B: Only option 2 is correct;
C: Options 1 and 2 are correct;
D: Options 1, 2 and 3 are correct;


D All the options are correct;

Q.10 Azimullah was loyal follower of ________ .

A: Nana Saheb
B: Bahadur Shah Zafar
C: Bahadur Shah 2
D: Rani Jhansi


Nana Saheb

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