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All important objective type questions on Mahatma Gandhi

[MCQ Set] Mahatma Gandhi > GK Objective Question Answers [PDF]


MCQ On Gandhiji

Mahatma Gandhi played an important role to free our country from British rule. His unique movement led India to independence. His amazing thoughts and amnesty inspired the people for civil rights across the world.

MCQ On Mahatma Gandhi :>> Here I have enclosed some important multiple choice questions with answers as a quiz about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. These short type questions are very crucial for any competitive examinations like IAS, UPSC, SSC, MTS, CGL, CHSL, Railway, Banking TET CDS, etc.

First of all, you would like to read the most important points on Mahatma Gandhi here.

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Q.1 Identify the correct answer. Gandhiji was born on –

[CDS 1999, Railway 2005]

A: 2nd October 1869
B: 2nd October 1867
C: 2nd October 1868
D: 2nd March 1866


2nd October 1867

Q.2 Choose the correct answer related to a place where Mahatma Gandhi was born –

[I. Tax Exam 1996]

A: Sabarmati Ashram
B: Porbandar
C: Rajkot
D: Mumbai



Q.3 Who was Kasturbai?

[MBA 1993]

A: Gandhiji’s Mother
B: Gandhiji’s Wife
C: Gandhiji’s Sister
D: Gandhiji’s Grandmother


Gandhiji’s Wife

Q.4 At which age Mahatma Gandhi got married?

[NDA 1997]

A: At the age of 18 year
B: At the age of 20 year
C: At the age of 21 year
D: At the age of 13 year


At the age of 13 years.

Q.5 Mahatma Gandhi become a barrister in London at the age of –

A: 30 year
B: 20 year
C: 21 year
D: 19 year


19 year

Q.6 Who was the youngest son of Gandhiji?

[Central Excise 1998]

A: Hiralal Gandhi
B: Ramdas Gandhi
C: Devdas Gandhi
D: Manilal Gandhi


Devdas Gandhi

Q.7 On which day of week Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead on 30th January?

[IAS 2000]

A: Sunday
B: Friday
C: Monday
D: Thursday



Q.8 A South African Province name _________ where most of the Indian emigrants had taken up abode.

A: Natal
B: Johannesburg
C: Pretoria
D: Cape Town

Answer :


Q.9 The British Government police arrested Gandhiji for the first time at –

[IAS 2004]

A: Ahmadabad
B: Dandi
C: Sabarmati
D: Delhi

Answer :


Q.10 Dandi March expedition was started by Mahatma Gandhi on

A: 10 July
B: 12 March
C: 21 March
D: 30 May

Answer :

12th March

Q.11 The Gandhi Arwin Pact was signed on

[UPSC 1991]

A: 7 August 1930
B: 5th March 1931
C: 2nd July 1941
D: 9th March 1929

Answer :

5th March 1931

Q.12 Where Mahatma Gandhi Detained on being arrested for the ‘Quit India Movement’?

A: Aga Khan Palace jail
B: Mumbai central jail
C: Ahmedabad jail
D: Kolkata jail

Answer :

Aga Khan Palace

Q.13 For the arrival of Lord Mountbatten in India, Gandhiji met him for the first time on

A: 31st March 1947
B: 1st April 1947
C: 31st May 1947
D: 31st July 1947


31st March 1947

Q.14 What was the name of the book Gandhiji captivated and transformed so much that he translated it into the Gujarati language?

[IAS 2001]

A: Unto This Last
B: Onto This Last
C: Unto The Last
D: Onto The Last

Answer :

A: Unto The Last.

Q.15 The book “Unto the Last” was written by –

A: Ruskin Bond
B: John Ruskin
C: Joshep Ruskin
D: Leo Tolstoy


John Ruskin is the Author of the book ‘Unto the Last’

Q.16 The essential condition of Satyagraha led by Mahatma Gandhi was –

A: Non-violence
B: Disobey the British government
C: Become extremist
D: Finite capacity for suffering


Non Violence

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