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General Knowledge on International Organization Questions and Answers

MCQ on International Organizations [Set 1] > GK Objective Questions

General Knowledge on International Organization Questions and Answers

International organization related objective questions or MCQs are very important for the Indian government job examinations like UPSC IAS, Railway, SSC, CGL and Banking.

Therefore I have provided all the important multiple choice questions as a Quiz format related to International Organization below. I am sure you need to practice these questions and remember the answers for any job examinations.

There are many International Organizations such as UNO United Nation, UNDP, UPU, FAO, ILO, WHO, UNESCO, UNHCR, OPCE, IMF, ASEAN, IBRD, UNICEF,UNFPA etc are controlling our world peace. So you need to remember their full forms as well as their headquarters (Headquarters of International Organizations).

Q.1> Who was the 192nd member of UNO?

[IAS 2004]

A: Montenegro

B: Kim Jon

C: Herbert Lewis

D: Steve Taylor

Answer: Montenegro

Q.2> Check which is not an agency of U.N?

A: International Committee of Red Cross




Answer: International Committee of Red Cross

Q.3> The cultural organization is –





Answer: UNESCO

Q.4> Where the Headquarter of UNHCR is located?

A: Washington

B: Fila del Fila

C: Geneva

D: Hong kong

Answer: Geneva

Q.5> Where the headquarters of Atomic Energy Agency is located?

A: New York

B: Vienna

C: London

D: Geneva

Answer Vienna

Q.6> An Indian who become president of International Court of Justice is –

A: Dr. Nagendra Singh

B: Justice R.N Thakur

C: Justice P.L Bhagawati

D: Justice H.R Reddy

Answer: Dr. Nagendra Singh

Q.7> [a] WHO [b] OPEC [c] IMF [d] FAO. Among these which are the special agency of U.N.O?

[NDA 1991]

A: Only a.

B: a, b and d.

C: a and c.

D. b and d.

Answer: a, b and d

Q.8> The headquarter of International Court of Justice is located at –

[MBA 1994]

A: Beijing

B: Geneva

C: New York

D: Hague

Answer: Hague

Q.9> UNO established in –

A: 1945

B: 1946

C: 1947

D: 1948

Answer: 1945

Q.10> Which among the following is not a part of UNO?

[SSC Grad 2004]





Answer: ASEAN

Q.11> Identify from the following options that is one of the official language of UN?

A: Hindi

B: Japanese

C: Arabic

D: Chinese

Answer: Both Arabic and Japanese are official language of UN.

Q.12> Which of the following country is not a permanent member of UN Security Council?

[NDA 1995]

A: China

B: Japan

C: Russia

D: France

Answer: Japan

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