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[MCQ Set 1] Earth : Associated Facts> GK Objective Type Questions [PDF]

[MCQ Set] Earth : Associated Facts> GK Objective Type Questions [PDF]


MCQ On Earth : Associated Facts

Geography MCQ on Earth: Important Multiple Choice Question on The Earth and its associated Facts. All the MCQs are given are in the Quiz format. So you can try each question carefully and answers are given in the black box.

This is the first set of MCQ on Earth. In all type of competitive examinations some questions associated earth are given as an objective type format in the General knowledge section. So be careful and prepare for your exam. We also included geography MCQ set on Solar System + Universe Objective Type Questions.

1. Direction of Earth rotates around axis from –

[RRB 1991]

A: North to South

B: South to North

C: East to West

D: West to East


West to East

2. What is the angle of inclination of Earth’s Axis to its orbital plane?

[NDA 1995]

A: 66½ degree

B: 66¾ Degree

C: 23½ degree

D: 90 degree


66½ degree

3. Vernal Equinox is –

[CDS 1991]

A: June 21st

B: March 21st

C: September 23rd

D: 22 December


March 21st

4. Summer Solstice is –

A: 21st September

B: 23 March

C: 21 December

D: June 21st


21st June

5. What is the shape of Earth?

A: Flat

B: Circle

C: Square

D: Sphere



6. What is the average radius of Earth?

A: 8000 Km

B: 5000 Km

C: 6400 Km

D: 4600 Km


6400 Km

7. Correct sequence of Earth (from interior to surface) –

[NDA 1993]

A: Core > Crust > Mantle

B: Core > Mantle >Crust

C: Crust > Mantle > Core

D: Mantle > Core > Curst



8. When does the spring tide occur ?

[CDS 1993]

A: Moon is nearest to Earth

B: Moon is farthest to Earth

C: Moon sun and earth are perpendicular to each other

D: Sun moon and earth are colinear



Sun moon and earth are colinear

9. Where does the speed of rotation of Earth is highest?

[NDA 1994]

A: Along Equator

B: At Both pole (North and South Pole)

C: At Tropic cancer

D: at Arctic Circle


Along Equator

10. Degree of hardness of Minerals is measured by which of the following scale?

[IAS 2003]

A: Litho Scale

B: Mohs’ Scale

C; Aesthono Scale

D: Sima Sclae


Mohs’ Scale.

11. When moon is quite far from the earth, the solar eclipse would be likely to be :

A: Total

B: Partial

C: Annular

D: None of These



12. What is the total surface of the earth?

[CDS 2000]

A: 510 million square kilometer

B: 610 million square kilometer

C: 710 million square kilometer

D: 810 million square kilometer


510 sq km

13. Circumference of earth at equator is approximately –

[Hotel management 1992]

A: 30,000 km

B: 40,000 km

C: 50,000 km

D: 20,000 km


40,000 Km

14. The diameter of earth is approximately –

A: 6400 km

B: 4600 km

C: 12800 km

D: 9200 km


12800 km

15. On 22nd Dec, where does the day is longest and night is shortest?

A: Beijing

B: Melbourne

C: Washington DC

D: Chennai



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