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[MCQ Set 3] Mauryan Empire + Sangam Age> Objective Questions


Mauryan Empire + Sangam Age General Knowledge Question Answers

[MCQ Set 3] Mauryan Empire and Sangam Age Objective Questions with answer / practice set for UPSC, SSC, CGL, MTS, CHSL, Railway Banking and other examinations.

MAURYAN Dynasty: Chandragupta, Bindusara Ashoka GK Notes

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Q.1 Who was the first scholar to read Ashokan edicts?

A: James Princep

B: Rakhal Das Banerjee

C: Dayaram Sahani

D: S.N Rao


James Princep

Q.2 Find the correct pair from below –

[IAS 1998]

A: Lothal : Ancient dockyard

B: Sarnath: Buddha’s first Sermon

C: Rajgir: Lion capital of Ashoka

D: Nalanda: Buddhist learning place


A B and D.

Q.3 The example of Mauryan Art is –

[IES 1993]

A: Image of deer on the Ashokan Pillar;

B: Tiger Capital at Sarnath

C: Panel showing Mahakapi Jataka.

D: Terracotta figure found on Ter



Q.4 Who had overthrown the Mauryan dynasty?

A: Harshavardhana

B: Chandragupta II

C: Pushyamitra Sunga

D: Ashoka


Pushyamitra Sunga

Q.5 The reason of Mauryan Empire was –

[NDA 2004]

A: Revolt of Priest

B: Pacifist policies of Ashoka

C: Foreign inversion

D: Successors of Ashoka were very weak


All of above.

Q.6 Why in southern India, large empires formed?

[IAS 1999]

A: Absence of minerals

B: Social structure were divided

C: absence of fertile land

D: scarcity of man power


-Absence of large fertile land

Q.7 Which dynasty was not in power during the Sangam age?

[CDS 1996]

A: Pandyas

B: Cheras

C: Pallavas

D: Cholas



Q.8 The place where three Sangams are associated with?

[IAS 2004]

A: Madura and Kapatpuram

B: Madura and Kapatsiram

C: Madura and Pratikpuram

D: Madura and Chandilayam


Madura and Kapatpuram

Q.9 Name of the script used in Tamil inscriptions –

A: Brahmi

B: Pali

C: Prakrit

D: Dravidian



Q.10 The people of Sangam age externally trade with –

A: Roman

B: Europe

C: Afghanistan

D: Arabs



Q.11 Classical ‘Jivaka Chintamani‘ associated with –

[IAS 2004]

A: Jainism

B: Buddhism

C: Hinduism

D: Islamism



Q.12 Dharmashoka name was found in which of the following –

[UP PCS 2002]

A: Maski Edict

B: Hatigumpha inscription

C: Sarnath Inscription

D: Allahabad inscription


Sarnath inscription

Q.13 What was the most important industry in Sangam age?

[IAS 2003]

A: Cloth production

B: Jute industry

C: Paper industry

D: All of above


Cloth Production

Q.14 In Sangam period, the language used –

[ CBI 1992]

A: pali

B: Sanskrit

C: Tamil

D: Telugu



Q.15 Most of the literature was in the form of –

[UP PCS 1994]

A: Prose

B: Dramma

C: Poetry

D: All of above



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