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Important MCQ on Mauryan Empire

[MCQ Set 2] Mauryan Empire> GK Question Answer

Mauryan Empire Objective GK Question Answer

[MCQ Set 2] Mauryan Empire > GK Question Answer:This is the Second set of Multiple choice Questions from Maurya Empire. All these MCQs are very important for the upcoming examinations like Banking, CGL, SSC, MTS, CHSL, Railway etc.

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MAURYAN Dynasty: Chandragupta, Bindusara Ashoka GK

Now lets try to answer the following Questions below.

1. Who introduced Meghasthenese as an ambassador to come India?

A: Seleucus Nikator

B: Greek King Alexander

C: The Afghans

D: King Puru


Seleucus Nikator

2. What is the name of the book of Meghasthenese had written?

[CDS 1990]

A: Indica

B: Fo-Kuo-King

C: India

D: Indonama



3. The literal meaning of ‘Ashoka’ is –

A: Bereft of sadness

B: Great King

C: Beloved of God

D: Beautiful


Bereft of sadness

4. Personal name of Ashoka mentions in which edicts?

[IAS 1997]

A: Maski

B: Junagarh edict

C: Hatigumpha edict

D: Kalinga edict


5. To whom the title ‘Devanam Priya’ was given?

A: Ashoka

B: Bimsara

C: Chandragupta Maurya

D: Kalashoka



6. On some inscriptions, Ashoka referred as –

[IAS 1995]

A: Devkriti

B: Devbhakti

C: Priyadarshi

D: Dharmadeva



7. Which region was not the part of Ashoka empire?

[Railway 1992]

A: Madras

B: Kashmir

C: Kannauj

D: Taxila



8.  From which inscriptions we get the information of Ashoka’s Kalinga war?

[CDS 1994]

A: Girnar Inscriptions

B: Minor rock edict

C: Hatigumpha inscription

D: Junagarh Inscirption


Girnar Inscription

9. Sarnth’s Lion Capital is attributed to –

[Railway 1991]

A: Ashoka

B: Chadragupta Maurya

C: Bindusara

D: Samudragupta



10. Which picture does not observed on Sarnath Pillar?

A: Deer

B: Elephant

C: Horse

D: Bull



11. ‘Dhamma’ word come from which language?

A: Prakrit

B: Sanskrit

C: Hindi

D: Pali



12. What was the function of ‘Rajukas’ ?

[ CDS 1992 NDA 2003]

A: Administrations of justice

B: Tax collector

C: A Priest

D: Commander


Administration of justice.

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