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[GK] KHILJI DYNASTY – Alauddin Khilji


KHILJI DYNASTY – Alauddin Khilji General Knowledge

The founder of the Khalji Dynasty was Jalaluddin Khilji.

Alauddin Khilji: 1296-1316

Alauddin Khilji was a nephew of Jalaluddin Khilji. He assassinated his uncle and succeeded the throne in 1296.

Being the first Turkish sultan of Delhi Alauddin separated religion from politics. He proclaimed ‘kingship knows no kinship‘.

His famous general Malik Kafur led the campaigns to the south and carried back large amounts of gold from the various kingdoms. He had to face the might of Mongols but repelled them successfully. Therefore the Ravi river became the boundary between Alauddin and Mongols. He annexed Gujarat, Malwa, Jalor and Malik Kafur defeated the rulers of Yadava, Devagiri, Kakatiya, Warangal, Madurai, etc.

To remove the various problems created by nobles of Balban, Alauddin introduced four ordinances.

  1. confiscation of the religious endowments and free grants of lands

  2. He recognize efficient espionage or spy system

  3. Prohibited the use of liquor and intoxicants or wine.

  4. Between the family members, nobles can not marriages and also they should not have social gatherings without the kin’s permission.


Alauddin was the first sultan to have permanent large army directly recruited and paid by the states. He began the practice of branding the horse called ‘dagh‘ and detail descriptive roll of soldier called ‘chehra‘ system to prevent fraudulent musters.

Mustakhraj, the post of a special officer was created for the purpose of collection of land revenue, house tax, and pasture tax.

He was able to fix the market price of commodities. He created three main markets in Delhi. The first market is for food grain, second for costly clothes and third for horses, slaves, and cattle. He appointed high-rank officers called ‘Shanha‘ to supervise the markets.

Alauddin died on 1316.


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