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Current Affairs> 3rd Week January 2017


January 2017 3rd Week Most Important Current Affairs

Here I have selected the most important 30 Current Affairs from the last third week of January. These are selected by the very carefully for the upcoming competitive examination like BANKING Railway, CGL, SSC and other Govt. examinations.

Why current affairs are so important?

Because every examination for the govt jobs and competitive examinations, current affairs are one of the most crucial part. And it is the basic part to examine a student whether he is aware of recent affairs or not. If you are not aware of the recent or past affairs, how do you able to handle a job?

Therefor read and note out these Multiple type questions and take revision at least three to four time.

I also made two post of Current Affairs of January First Week and January Second Week. Must read and best of luck.

Q.1: > The World’s biggest cricket stadium will come up in which state of India?

A: West Bengal
B: Karnataka
C: Maharashtra
D: Gujarat

Answer: Gujarat

Information: Soon in Ahmadabad, Gujarat world largest cricket stadium is coming up soon. It has seating capacity of 1.10 Lakh people. Popular and the construction award has been given to Larsen and Turbo. The stadium will be operational in two years time and will be constructed at a cost of Rs 700 crore.

Q.2: > Passport Index, a global ranking has said which has the world’s most powerful passport?

A: German
B: Chinese
C: French

Answer: German

Information: Germany topped the ranking with a visa-free score of 157 and rank top while India score of 156 with 78th position

Q.3 > Which Indian e-commerce company has been ranked as the most trusted brand in The Indian E-tailing Leadership Index 2017?

A: Snapdeal
B: Amazon
C: Flipkart
D: Jabong

Answer: Flipkart

Q.4: > In which country, the world’s first baby was born using the new tree-person IVF technology called pronuclear transfer?

A: France
B: Ireland
C: Mexico
D: Ukraine

Answer: Ukraine

Information: A baby born in Ukraine on January 5, 2017 using the new technique of three-person IVF called ‘pronuclear transfer’.

Q.5: > “Digital Dakiya” scheme has been launched in which state government to encourage cashless transactions?

A: Kerala
B: Madhya Pradesh
C: Odisha
D: Rajasthan

Answer: Madhya Preadesh

Information: In this scheme Digital Postman will visit different places of state to teach and encourage people about cashless transactions and its benefits.

Q.6: > How much loan amount has been sanctioned by World Bank for “Nagaland health Project”?

A: 48 USD
B: 58 USD
c: 70 USD
D: 68 USD

Answer: 48 USD

Information: The main purpose of the Nagaland Health Project is to improve health services in Nagaland.

Q.7: > Scientists have developed the world’s lightest high performance mechanical watch called?

A: RM 50-02
B: RM 50-04
C: RM 50-03
D: RM 50-07

Answer: RM 50-03

Information: Scientist used ‘wonder material’ graphene composite known as Graph TPT to made this high performance mechanical watch.

Q.8: > The novel “The Book Thief” has been authored by whom?

A: Markus Zusak
B: Ernest Hemingway
C: Mary Shelley
D: John Boyne

Answer: Markus Zusak

Q.9: > What is the name of the new planet has been discovered by the scientists which could be the next habitable planet after Earth.

A: Wolf 1060a
B: Wolf 1060d
C: Wolf 1061a
D: Wolf 1061c

Answer: Wolf 1061c

Information: Scientist has discovered a new planet called Wolf 1061c. It is approximately 14 light years far from earth. Scientist pretended that the planet could be the next habitable zone in future.

Q.10: Who was the last astronaut to walk on the moon?

A: Gene Cernan
B: Yuri Gagarin
C: Neil Armstrong
D: John Glenn

Answer: Gene Cernan

Information: Gene Cernan was the Apollo 17 commander died on 16th January.

Q.11: > Antonio Tajani, who has been elected the new President of European Parliament on January 2017, is belonged to which country?

A: France
B: Germany
C: Italy
D: Brazil

Answer: Italy

Q.12: > Which country has recently in January 2017 become an associate member of European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN?

A: India
B: Maldives
C: Sri Lanka
D: Pakistan

Answer: India

Q.13: > Which Indian actress won the Best Actor Female filmfare award for the first time?

A: Aishwariya Rai Bacchan
B: Vidya Balan
C: Kareena Kapoor
D: Alia Bhatt

Answer: Alia Bhatt

Information: Alia Bhat was given the best Actor Female filmfare award for her performance in “Udta Punjab”. It honored the best Indian films of 2016.

Q.14: > Which state has become the India’s first state to launch “Anandam Program” to help the needy persons?

A: Odisha
B: Madhya Pradesh
C: Haryana
D: Assam

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Q.15: > Which is the world’s largest library?

A: American Consulate Library
B: British Council Library
C: US Library of Congress
D: Indian Parliamentary Library

Answer: US Library of Congress

Q.16: > Who has been selected as the new chief of Central Bureau of Investigation CBI?

A: Alok Kumar Verma
B: Satish Mathur
C: JS Khehar
D: RK Dutta

Answer: Alok Kumar Verma

Q.17: > Who will be the Chief Guest for the 2017 Republic Day of India?

A: Mohammadin bin Zayed Al Nahyan
B: Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan
C: Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan
D: Mirza Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Answer: Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Q.18: > Karang, a small lake island in Manipur reached which important milestone?

A: First Digital Island
B: first Secure Island
C: First Wi-Fi island
D: First cashless island

Answer: First cashless island

Q.19: > Who won the Mumbai Marathon 2017 in women’s category?

A: Chaltu Tafa
B: Bornes Kitur
C: Tigist Girma
D: Jigmet Dolma

 Answer: Bornes Kitur

Information: kenya’s Bornes Kitur won the women’s title at the 14th Standard Chartered Mumbai marathon that took place on January 15, 2017 by completing the distance in 02:29:02.

Q.20: > How much amount of penalty has been imposed by RBI on Bombay Mercantile Co-operative Bank for violating the KYC and anti-money laundering norms?

A: 75 Lakh
B: 66 Lakh
C: 60 Lakh
D: 82 Lakh

Answer: 75 Lakh

Q.21: > Which Indian actress has won the favorite Dramatic TV Actress Award in the 2017 people’s Choice Award?

A: Deepika Padukone
B: Shabana Azmi
C: Parineeti Chopra
D: Priyanka Chopra

Answer: Priyanka Chopra

Q.22: > When is the Indian Army Day celebrated?

A: January 17
B: January 16
C: January 15
D: January 14

 Answer: January 15

Information: The India Army celebrated its 69th Army Day on Jan 15 2017. Every year it is celebrated to respect the Lieutenant General of India, K.M. Dariappa who was the first Indian Army’s Commander-in-Chief.

Q.23: > Which technology giant has acquired Twitter’s mobile application developer platform Fabric on Jan 19, 2017?

A: Intel
B: Google
C: Facebook
D: Microsoft

Answer: Google

Q.24: > Where is the headquarters of the International Vaccine Institute?

A: South Korea
B: Switzerland
C: France
D: Germany

Answer: South Korea

Q.25: > What is the name of the Chinese Robot Journalist who made its debut reporting on January 18, 2017 by writing an article in a second?

A: Changchang
B: Clank Hu
C: Xial Nan
D: Tachikomas

 Answer: Xiao Nan

Information: Xiao Nan made debut in the world of journalism by writing a 300 character long article on spring Festival in just a second.

Q.26: Name the satellite launched by US military on January 20, 2017 to detect and defeat missile attack in the space

A: Arrow-3 Satellite
B: Geo-3 Satellite
C: Skynet-5
D: IntelSat-7

 Answer: Geo-3 Satellite

Information: Geo-3 Satellite has ability to detect directly any missile attack. This will act as the missile warning system across the country.

Q.27: > Which bank has been banned by the Government on January 20, 2017 to accept deposit under Pradhan mantri Garb Kalyan Deposit Scheme?

A: Foreign Banks
B: Cooperative banks
C: Private Banks
D: Regional Rural Banks

 Answer: Cooperative banks

Information: This bank have been barred the Indian Govt. on 20th Jan from accepting deposit under the PMGKDS to stop any misuse of the deposits amount.

Q.28: > Who of the following has won the prestigious award “The Hindu Prize 2016”

A: Manjula Padmanabhan
B: Anil Menon
C: Kunal Basu
D: Kiran Doshi

Answer: Kiran Doshi

Q.29: > Which device has been developed by the researchers that encase heart and gently squeeze to enable the weak heart to pump blood?

A: robotic Sleeve
B: Electronic Pacemaker
C: Plastic heat
D: Digital Pumping Device

 Answer: Robotic Sleeve

Information: This device is designed to help people who are experiencing heart failure. This has been developing by the researcher form Harvard University.

Q.30: > “Pinakin” mobile app has been launched by which state tourism department to boost tourism?

A: Karnataka
B: Maharashtra
C: Andhra Pradesh
D: Tamil Nadu

 Answer: Tamil Nadu.

Information: It helps to provide information to the tourist destinations in a phase manner.


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