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January 2017 1st Week Most Important Current Affairs

Current Affairs> 1st Week January 2017


Here is a list of all important Current Affairs for upcoming examination like Bank, UPSC, SSC, CGL, Railway RRB, SBI PO and others. All the 30 questions are super important. January 2017 1st Week Most Important Current Affairs.

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Q.1 > Ireland scientist discovered new digestive system which was unknown since hundred years. What is the name of that organ?

A :  Mesentery

B : Mesotably

C : Peritoneum

D : Mesocolon

Ans : Mesentery

Explanation : Ireland scientist J Calvin Coffey, Professor of Surgery at University of Limerick in Ireland described mesentery as an organ which was for past hundred years being considered as fragmented structure made up of multiple separate parts.

Q. 2 > What is the name of android app recently launched by Govt. of India that has topped the chart of Google Play Store in January first week.


B : SIMsePay

C : MobiKwik



Explanation : Union Govt. launch a new kind payment interface name Bharat Interface for Mobile ( BHIM ) develop by National Payment Corporation has been become one of the most popular app en Google Play Store recently in January. BHIM is a popular online payment interface android app with Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and it connect directly to your bank account.

Q. 3 > Which state of India set up its first advance laser technology AVMS RTO check-post in 30th Dec 2016?

A :  Jammu and Kashmir

B : Rajastan

C : Punjab

D : Gujarat

Ans : Gujarat

Explanation : Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani launched India’s first laser technology-based AVMS RTO check-post worth Rs. 30 crore at Shamlaji of Aravalli district in Gujarat on 30th December 2016.

Q. 4 > What is the name of the bank that allow users to make payment through Facebook Messenger using ‘OnChat’ chatbot service?


B : HDFC  Bank


D : Bank Of India

Ans : HDFC Bank

Explanation : The chatbot service ‘OnChat’ allow user to recharge their phone, pay electric bill, DTH bill and other services. To use this service user can search for ‘HDFC OnChat’in the Facebook Messenger app and type ‘Hi’ to configure the chatbot.

Q. 5 > In which city of India launched its first bus run on bio-gas?

A : Ahmadabad

B : New Delhi

C : Bengaluru

D : Kolkata

Ans : Kolkata

Explanation : India’s first bus to run on bio-gas is set to made debut on the Ultadanga to Garia route in Kolkata in March, 2017. The total number of this kind of buses are twelve.

Q. 6 > According to American Space Agency NASA which planet has purple color rocks?

A : Mercury

B : Neptune

C : Mars

D : Saturn

Ans : Mars

Explanation : American space agency has capture image of the red planet’s mountainous landscape, with purple colored rocks. This images are taken by the high-resolution camera called Mastcam embedded with Curiosity Mars rover.

Q. 7 > Indian first transgender School “Sahaj International” has started in which state?

A : Uttar Pradesh

B : West Bengal

C : Kerala

D : Tamil Nadu

Ans : Kerala

Explanation : Transgender activist, writer and actor Kalki Subramaniam Inaugurated the India’s first Transgender school called “Sahaj International”at Thrikkakara in Kerala’s Ernakulam district. The main purpose is to provide security, salvation and sustainability for the transgender.

Q . 8 > On January 4, 2017 Indian cricket captain stepped down as the captain of the Indian Team. How many One Day International matches have been captained by Dhoni?

A : 198

B : 199

C : 200

D : 201

Ans : 199

Explanation : Mahendra Singh Dhoni the most successful captain of Indian cricket team recently stepped down as the captain of the team on 4th Jan, 2017. He has captained the total 60 test matches, 199 ODIs and 72 T20 matches.

Q . 9 > Name the state that has been registered India’s second highest per capita income in 2016?

A Bangalore

B : Kolkata

C : Delhi

D : Chandigarh

Ans : Chandigarh

Explanation : Delhi has been registered the highest per capita income among all stated and according to National Statistical handbook Chandigarh is the India’s second highest per capita income in 2016.

Q. 10 > Which denomination by the end of March 2017 the British Govt. is set to mint a new coin ?

A : penny

B : pence

C : Guinea

D : Pound

Ans : Pound

Explanation : The British Treasury has decided to introduce a new 12- sided one-pound coin at end of March 2017 and scrap the 30 years old one pound by October 2017. N new coin will be produced by the Royal Mint in wales and a total of 1.5 billion coins will be issued in the first minting.

Q. 11> What is the name of the country that set to become first to switch off FM radio ?

A : United State

B : Russia

C : England

D : Norway

Ans: Norway

Explanation : Norway is the first country in the world set to become to switch off its FM radio facility across the country. The country’s parliament has approved a proposal to shift to digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). The Shut down of the FM radio network will begun on Jan 11, 2017.

Q. 12> Who has written the book “The Secret Chord” ?

A : Geraldine Brooks

B : APJ Abdul Kalam

C : Sashi Thakur

D : Alice Hoffman

Ans : Geraldine Brooks Explanation : Geraldine Brooks is a Pulitzer Prize winning author. The Secret Chord is a historical novel that traces the life of King David.


Q. 13 > Who is the new Chief Justice Of India on 4 January 2017?

A : Jagdish Singh Khehar

B : T. S. Thakur

C : H. L. Dattu

D : Rajendra Mal Lodha

Ans : Jagdish Singh Khehar

Explanation : Jagdish Singh Khehar has been sworn as the new Chief Justice Of India (CGI). He is appointed by Pranab Mukherjee, the president of India.

Q. 14 > What is the name of the person who is known as the “Ambassador to the World’s Religions”?

A : Dalai Lama

B : Huston Smith

C : Sri Sri Ravisankar

D : Baba Ramdev

Ans : Huston Smith

Explanation : Huston Smith is an American Religious Scholar born in china known as the “Ambassador to the World’s Religions” recently died on 30th Dec 2016. His one of favorite quote is “The most powerful moral influence is example.”

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Q. 15 > Which State Govt. recently declared 50% reservation in judicial services for OBC’s, SC’s ST’s and EBC’s?

A Uttar Pradesh

B : Bihar

C : Maharashtra

D : Tripura

Ans : Bihar

Explanation : The Bihar govt. recently declared 50% reservation in all judicial services for aspirants belonging to the Extremely Backward Classes, other backward classes’ , Scheduled Castes, and STs. According to the cabinet 21 % reservation for OBCs, 12 % for SCs 16 % for STs and 1 % for all judicial services of the State. 35 % reservation for women.

Q. 16 > What is the name of the initiative launched by Google to enable the small businesses set up website from their smart phones?

A : Business Online

B : My Website

C : Digital Business

D : My Business

Ans : My Business

Q. 17 > Chinese Smartphone companies share what percent to the Indian market, as per International Data Corporation?

A : 20 %

B : 30 %

C : 40 %

D : 50 %

Ans : 40 %

Explanation : International Data Corporation recently show as statics that Chinese smart phone vendors in 2016 captured 40 % share in India. India is the second largest smart phone market in the globe.

Q. 18 > Which country will help India making Chennai, Ahmedabad and Varanasi as smart cities?

A : United State

B : France

C : China

D : Japan

Ans : Japan

Explanation : Japan’s Ambassador to India Mr. Kenji Hiramatsu on Jan 5, 2017 informed that Japan will help the above cities to develop as a smart cities.

Q. 19 > Who will become the first NASA astronaut of African-American origin abroad International Space Station?

A : E.S Thomson

B : Jeanette Epps

C : Sunita Willama

D : Robert Mark

Ans : B Jeanette Epps

Q. 20 > Who is the new 25th Chief Justice of Pakistan?

A : Mian Saqib Nisar

B : Nisar Hasan

C : Parvej Musaraff

D : Rizwan Akhtar

Ans : A > Mian Saqib Nisar[

Q. 21 > The world largest eleven day Gala Festival “Bargarh Dhanua jatra” organized in which state?

A : West Bengal

B : Andhra Pradesh

C : Assam

D : Odisha

Ans : D> Odisha

Explanation : festival “Bargarh Dhanua jatra” is the famous festival organized in Odisha. It started on 2nd January 2017. It celebrated in Bargarh city and spanning over 20 square kilometer area.

Q. 22 > Which Indian-Orgin British professor has been honored with the queen Elizabeth II Knighthood?

A : Mandeep Singh Bhui

B : Kamaldeep Begol

C : Shankar Balasubramanian

D : Abhijeet Banerjee

Ans : Shankar Balasubramanian

Explanation : Shankar Balasubramanian is a Indian-origin British professor of chemistry and DNA Expert at Cambridge University. He has been honored for the co-inventor of Next Generation DNA sequencing.

Q. 23 > Election Commission of India has launched first time mobile based monitoring system for which state election?

A Delhi election

B : Punjab Election

C : Assam Election

D : Bihar Election

Ans : Punjab Election

Explanation : Election Commission of India has launched its first time mobile based monitoring system for the election of Punjab for free and fair assembly election

Q. 24 > Who has won the 2016 Presidential election of Haiti?

A Jovenel Moise

B : Jude Celestin

C : Maryse Narcisse

D : Jean-Charles Moise

Ans : Jovenel Moise

Q. 25 > Which country has launched its first freight train to London in January 2017?

A : Japan

B : Russia

C : France

D : China

Ans : China

Explanation : The train will travel a distance more than 12,000 km before reaching London for about 18 days.

Q. 26 > Who has been nominated for the 4th Yash Chopra Memorial Award?

A : Shah Rukh Khan

B : Ameer Khan

C : Salman Khan

C : Farah Khan

Ans : Shah Rukh Khan

Q. 27 > The name of the famous Bollywood actor who died on 6th January is ?

A : Om Puri

B : Rajesh Khanna

C : Sashi Thakur

D : Madhubala

Ans : Om Puri

Q. 28 > Which state organized the International Kite Festival in 2017 ?

A : Rajasthan

B : Uttar Pradesh

C : Maharashtra

D : Gujarat

Ans : Gujarat

Explanation : The international Kite Festival also known as Uttarayan held in Gujarat from 8 to 13 January, 2017. Apart from Gujarat other states also organized this festival.

Q. 29 > China launched longest bullet train on 5th January 2017?

A : Shangri-la of the World

B : CRH380D & DL

C : Sanghai the World

D : X40

Ans : Shangri-la of the World

Explanation : The train left Kunming at 11:05 am on a 2,760-km trip to Beijing, which takes about 13 hours.

Q. 30 > India’s rank according to Global Enabling Trade Report 2016 of the “World Economy Forum” (WEF) is

A : 102

B : 105

C : 108

D : 110

Ans : 102

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