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GK> Jaldapara National Park (West Bengal) Details


Jaldapara National Park is one of the popular National Park in West Bengal as well as in India. It is situated at the bank of Torsa river. It is mainly known for population of rhinoceros.

Location : Jaldapara National Park is located at the foothill of Himalayas. It is situated at the North of West Bengal near Jalpaiguri district at the bank of Torsa river.
Jaldapara National Park

Latitude : 25° 58′ – 27° 45′ North

Longitude : 89° 08′ – 89° 55′ East

Establishments : Jaldapara National Park previously known as “Totapara”. In 1941 Is is established as the wildlife sanctuary. Recently in 2014 it is declared as National Park by the Govt. of India.


Area : The total area of the Park is 216.51 Square Kilometer.

Flora : The dominant flora are Sal and Sishu trees, large number of fern, shrubs, tall grass and beautiful flowers

Fauna : Asiatic One horned Rhinoceros leopards, Elephants, Deer, Sambar, Tiger, Jungle Cat, Hispid Hare, etc mammals are found here. Large number of birds like various types of Eagle, Pigeons, Bengal florican, Hill Mynas etc are also found here. Python, Monitor lizards, Kraits, Cobras etc reptiles are also sighted here.

Famous For : Jaldapara National Park is famous for Asiatic One Horned Rhinoceros and Bengal florican Bird

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