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International Organisations and their Headquarters

International Organizations Headquarters [PDF] List Full Forms> GK

Important International Organizations And Their Headquarters

Dear aspirants, here all the important International Organisations with their headquarters are given for your competitive government examinations such as IAS UPSC, Railway, Banking, SSC, CGL etc. You need to remember all short and full forms of all organization.

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Here I have also included a set of multiple choice questions or MCQs from International Organisations. Do not forget to take a quiz.

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 Abbreviation   Full Form of International Organizations  Headquarters  Established
 UNO  United Nations Organisation  New York  1945
 UNESCO  United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation  Paris  1945
 UNICEF  United Nations children’s’ Fund  New York  1945
 World Bank  Washington DC  1944
 IAEA  International Atomic Energy Agency  Vienna  1957
 International Court Of Justice  Hague  1945
 FAO  Food and Agricultural Organisation  Rome  1945
 NATO  North Atlantic Treaty Organisation  Brussels, Belgium  1949
 ASEAN  Association of South East Asian Nations  Jakarta, Indonesia  1967
 WHO  World Health Organisation  Geneva  1948
 WTO  World Trade Organisation  Geneva  1995
 IUCN  International Union for Conservation of Nature  Gland, Switzerland  1948
 ICANN  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers  Los Angeles  1998
 CN  Commonwealth of Nations  London  1931
 APEC  Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation  Singapore  1989
 WEF  World Economic Forum  Geneva  1971
 OECD  Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development  Paris  1961
 UNDP  United Nations Development Programme  New York  1965
 IRC  International Rescue Committee  New York  1933
 ADB  Asian Development Bank Manila, Philippines  1966

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