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Indian History > Important GK + MCQ Question Answer

Indian History > GK + MCQ +PDF

Indian History > GK + MCQ > For competitive exams like UPSC, IAS, CGL, SSC, MTS, CHSL, Railway, Banking SBI PO and others. All topics are covered with important points and information. So my dear reader please read each topic carefully.

250+ Modern Indian History MCQ Objective Question Answer [PDF]

History Topics

MCQ Test

Gupta Dynasty – General Knowledge  MCQ Test
Post-Maurya, Pre-Gupta Period  MCQ Test
MAURYAN Dynasty: Chandragupta, Bindusara Ashoka  MCQ Test
Religious Movements: Buddhism and Jainism  MCQ Test
List of Mahajanapadas (16), Capitals & Locations  MCQ Test
Vedic Culture – Early and Later Vedic Period  MCQ Test
Indus Civilization – Harappa and Mohenjodaro  MCQ Test
The Background of Delhi Sultanate  MCQ Test
KHILJI DYNASTY – Alauddin Khilji  MCQ Test 
Tughlaq Dynasty  MCQ Test
 Mughal Empire   MCQ Test
 The Advent of Europeans in India  MCQ Test
 British Conquest of Bengal Mysore Punjab  MCQ Test
 List of Governors-General & Viceroys of India  MCQ Test
 Revolt of 1857 – Sepoy Mutiny  MCQ Test
 Important Points on Mahatma Gandhi (Gandhiji)  MCQ Test
 Indian National Movement- Modern Indian History  MCQ Test
 Partition of Bengal 1905  MCQ Test
 Swadeshi and Boycott Movement   MCQ Test
 Rowlatt Act 1919  MCQ Test