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GK> List of Grasslands of the World [PDF]

Famous Grasslands in the world

All Important grasslands around the world pdf > Remembering all the grasslands is common general knowledge for any competitive examinations like IAS, UPSC, SSC, CGL, Railway PSC and Banking.

# List of all Important Grassland around the world:

Name of the Grassland Location Area sq km
 # Prairie Grassland North America (USA Canada) 574653
 # Pampas Grassland South American (Argentina, Uruguay Brazil) 750,000
 # Downs Grassland Australia 77,388
 # savanna Grassland Central Africa 12949940.55
 # Campos Grassland Brazil ‎26,417
 # Pustaz Grassland Hungary and it’s surrounding regions
 # Veldt Grassland Southern Africa (South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe Botswana)
 # Steppe Grassland European Russia, Siberia and Asian Russia 7609000
 # Manchurian Grassland Mongolia, China 887,300
 # Canterbury grassland New Zealand 44,508
 # Llanos Grassland Colombia and Venezuela 440000

⇒ Grasslands are the area covered by mostly of grasses and where the vegetation is dominated by grass. There are twelve major grasslands in the world. All these are given above in a tabular form. There are two types of grassland one is tropical and other is temperate. Example of tropical grasslands are prairie and savanna. Example of temperate grasslands are Pampas Veldt and Canterbury.

Grasslands are known differently around different part of the world. Prairie is known in North America,  Pampas in South America, Downs in Australia, Savanna and veldt in Africa.

⇒ The Prairie grassland is known as the granaries of the world.

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