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GK> List of Nuclear Power Plants in India with Capacity [PDF] (All)

List of Nuclear Power Plants in India with Capacity

list of atomic power plants in India pdf > Nuclear power plants is going to become an important source of energy in India. After thermal and hydropower plants the third-largest electricity is generated from the atomic power plants. All atomic power plants are government projects and owned by Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL). According to the report of 2013-2014, the total electric energy is generated from atomic power plants is 35,333 GW·h*.

Mechanism: Uranium is a naturally occurring radioactive element that can split up into two smaller elements producing a tremendous amount of energy. In nuclear power plants, Uranium is used as the fuel. The nucleus of Uranium is broken up by producing high energetic (high velocity) neutron particles. The reaction is given below.

235U92 + n0 → 236U*92 → 89Kr36 + 144Ba56 + 3n0 + Huge amount of Energy (Heat).

The energy is used to to create high-pressure steam which rotates the turbine. The rotating turbine produces electricity.

# List of atomic power plants in India pdf

 # Nuclear Power Plants Locations (State) Capacity Established
 1 Tarapur Nuclear power Station Tarapur (Maharashtra) 1400 MW 1969
 2 Narora Atomic power station Bulandshahar (Uttar Pradesh) 440 MW 1991
 3 Madras Atomic Power Station Kalpakkam (Tamil Nadu) 470 MW 1984
 4 Kaiga Atomic Power Station Kannada Karnataka () 880 MW 2000
 5 Rajasthan Atomic Power Station Rawatbhata (Rajasthan) 1180 MW 1973
 6 Kakrapar Atomic Power Station Moti Cher (Gujarat ) 440 MW 1993
 7 Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu) 1000 MW 2013
 8 Gorakhpur Nuclear Power Plant* Gorakhpur (Haryana) 2800 MW 2014

# Location Map of Atomic power plants in India

Location Map of Atomic power plants in India

Gorakhpur Nuclear Power Plant is not operational at present. It will be operated in two phases. In the first phase, it is expected to install a capacity of 1400 MW within 2021. In the second stage, the will be installed after that.

Kudankulam is the largest nuclear power plant in India. Two units are operational at present each producing 1000 MW of electricity. Two more units are planted to build.

Tarapur Atomic Power Station (T.AP.S.) is the oldest as well as the first nuclear power plant in India.

MW stands for Megawatt. 1 MW = 106 watts. Watts is the unit of power. GW·h is the unit of energy.

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