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GK> Name of Storms & Location in the World [PDF]

GK> Name of Storms According to Location in the World [PDF]


Different Strom Name in Different Location

Storms have various names according to location or country. Dear readers, in this post I am providing all the major storms which are known differently around the world.

What is Storm? Storm is basically high-speed wind blow. The speed of wind is so high that it may destroy our homes, our building, or such things. Like tornado is a kind of storm that can blow one place to another by spiraling air.  If someone reached that blowing spiral air than the wind can move him or her upward to sky.

List of Storm Location wise:

# Cyclone

Origin: Bay of Bengal

Maximum Wind Speed: 408 km/h

Affected Countries: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia

# Typhoon:

Origin: South China Sea

Maximum Wind Speed: 194 km/h

Affected countries: South part of China, Japan, North Korea South Korea, Thailand and Philippines.

# Tornado

Origin: Florida Bay

Maximum Wind Speed: 476 km/h

Affected Countries: USA, Mexico, Cuba

# Hurricane

Origin: Caribbean Sea of Atlantic Ocean.

Maximum Wind Speed: 251 km/h

Affected Countries: Venezuela, Colombia , Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and USA.

# Twister

Origin: Mississippi Valley.

Maximum wind Speed: 485 km/h

Affected Countries: USA

# Willy Willy

Origin: Australia, southeastern Indian Ocean, southwestern Pacific.

Maximum Wind Speed: 140 km/h

Affected Countries: Australia, New Zealand.

If you want to strengthen your General knowledge, you need to remember these important Storm and especially source of location. Obviously these are very important for your upcoming competitive examinations like SSC, UPSC, PSC, Railway, and Banking.

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