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List of Important Mountain Passes in India

GK> Mountain Passes in India – List [PDF]

List of Important Mountain Passes in India

Mountain Passes are the connectivity and navigable routs through hills and mountains used to connect different parts of a country or nearby countries.

In this post I have updated a list of most important mountain passes in India as a general knowledge for your upcoming examinations like UPSC, IAS, SSC, CGL, CHSL, MTS, Railway Group D, Banking, etc. Therefor it is my advice to read these passes carefully and gain the power of knowledge.

Zoji La Pass:

It connects from Srinagar to Leh. It is situated in the principal Himalayan Mountain Range in Jammu and Kashmir State of India. It’s elevation is about 3,500 meter. It is traversed by Srinagar-Leh Highway.

Burzila Pass:

It connects Srinagar to Kargil. It is also situated in Jammu and Kashmir. This is the oldest pass route. It’s elevation is about 4,000 m. The length of this pass is about 260 km in India.

Khardungla Pass:

It connects leh to Siachen. It situated on Jammu and Kashmir. It’s elevation is about 5350 meter. This is the world’s highest motor-able pass. This pass opens in all seasons except winter. The length of this pass is about 154 km.

Banihal Pass:

It connects Jammu to Srinagar through the Jawahar Tunnel. It is located in Jammu and Kashmir across the Pir Panjal Range. It is 270 km long and its elevation is about 2,800 m.

Sipki La Pass.

It connects Simla to Tibet. It is located in state Himachal Pradesh along the border of India and China. Its elevation is about 4000 meter. It is traversed by the National Highway, NH22.

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Bara-lacha la Pass:

It connects Manali to leh. It is also located in the Zanskar range in the state Himachal Pradesh in India. Its elevation and length is about 5000 m and 472 km respectively.

Rohtang Pass:

It connects Kullu to Spiti. It situated in Himachal Pradesh on Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. The length of this pass is about 238 km. Its elevation is about 4000 meter.

Lipulekh Pass:

It connects Dehradun to Tibet. It is situated in Uttarakhand state of India. Its elevation is about 5,200 meter. It is the boarder of India and China. This pass is important for the pilgrims to reach Manasarovar. It is about 332 km long.

Niti Pass.

It also connects Dehradun to Tibet and it is located in Uttarakhand. It’s elevation is about 5,200 meter. Nanda Devi National Park is located along this pass.

Mana Pass:

It also connects Dehradun to Tibet. It located in Uttarakhand along India and China boarder. It’s elevation is about 5,500 meter. This pass was an ancient trade route between India and Tibet.

Nathula Pass:

It is located in Sikkim. It connects Gangtok to Tibet. It’s elevation is about 300 meter. I can be traversed by Old Silk Route.

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Jelep La Pass:

It also connects Gangtok to Lasha, the capital of Tibet. It located in Sikkim state of India along India china boarder. It’s elevation is about 4,200 meter. It about 350 km long.

Bomdi La Pass:

It connects Itanagar to Tibbet. It situated in Arunachal Pradesh.

Palghat Pass.

It connects Wester Ghat to Eastern Ghat. It is situated in Kerala.

Thal Ghat Pass.

It connects Mumbai to Nashik. In is situated in Maharashtra.

Bhor Ghat.

It connects Mumbai to Pune. It is also situated in Maharashtra.

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Mountain Passes in India in Tabular Form

Mountain Pass Connects between Location
Zozi La Pass Srinagar to Leh Jammu Kashmir
Burzi La Pass Srinatar to Kargil jammu Kashmir
Khardung La Pass Leh to Siachen Jammu Kashmir
Banihal Pass Jammu to Srinagar Jammu Kashmir
Sipki La Pass Shimla to Tibet Himachal Pradesh
Bara La Cha Pass Manali to Leh Himachal Pradesh
Rohtang Pass Kullu to Spiti Himachal Pradesh
Lipulekh Pass Dehradun to Tibet Uttarakhand
Niti Pass Dehradun to Tibet Uttarakhand
Mana Pass Dehradun to Tibet Uttrakhand
Nathula Pass Gangtok to Tibet Sikkim
Jelep La Pass Gangtok to Tibet Sikkim
Bomdi La Pass Itanagar to Tibbet Arunachal Pradesh
Palghat Western Ghat to Eastern Ghat Kerala
Thal Ghat Mumbai to Nashik Maharashtra
Bhor Ghat Mumbai to Pune Maharashtra

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