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Important Multiple Choice Question About Gupta Period

GK> Gupta Period Questions with Answers – Objective MCQ

Gupta Period: Important General Knowledge Multiple Choice Question With Answer

Gupta period is the one of the most important period in Indian History. The objective or multiple questions of Gupta empire, discussed here are very important for the various typed of competitive examinations like Railway, Government jobs interview, Banking exam, staff selection commission or SSC, CGL etc. So my dear readers please take a look in following questions of Gupta dynasty.

In the 4th Century AD a new dynasty, the Guptas, arose in Magadha and established a large kingdom over the greater part of Northern India. Their rule lasted for more than 200 years. On the ruins of the Kushan empire arose Gupta era its way over a good part of former dominions of Kushan and Satavahanas.

I recommend you to read first the important points of Gupta Period discussed here before answering these questions.

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The answers are given below.

1. Who is the founder of ‘Gupta Period‘?

A) Chandragupta

B) Chandragupta Maurya

C) Samudragupta

D) Srigupta

2. Chandragupta married to which ‘Lichchavi Princes?

A) Kumar Devi

B) Mithila

C) Priyadarshini

D) Vasundhara

3. What was the period of Gupta dynasty?

A) 300 – 600 AD

B) 319 – 540 AD

C) 425 – 530 AD

D) 600 – 900 AD

4. Which Gupta king was good player of Musical instrument Veena?

A) Chandragupta

B> Samudragupta

C) Ramagupta

D) Chandragupta II

5. Which Gupta ruler earned the title of ‘Maharajadhiraja’?

A) Chandragupta-I

B) Samudragupta

C) Kumargupta

D) Ramagupta

6. Chandragupta-I started the Gupta era in

A) 319 AD

B) 309 AD

C) 339 AD

D) 327 AD

7. Who is considered as the greatest king of Gupta Period?

A) Ramagupta

B) Kumargupta

C) Samudragupta

D) Chandragupta-I

8. Who is known as the ‘Napoleon of India’?

A) Samudragupta

B) Bindusara

C) Ashoka

D) Harsabardhana

9. Which Gupta king made Ujjain as his second capital?

A) Samudragupta

B) Ashoka

C) Srigupta

D) Chandragupta-II

Answer of Question 1 to 10.

[1] D [2] A  [3] B [4] B [5] A [6] A [7] C [8] A [9] D [10] B

10. Chandragupta II is known as –

A) vikramanka

B) Vikramaditya

C) Maharajadhiraja

D) Kumaramtya

11. Which Vengi king was defeated by Samudragupta?

A) Hastivarma

B) Amarsinh

C) Mahendra Sinh

D) Shanku

12. Which Gupta king destroyed Saka?

A) Chandragupta II

B) Samudragupta

C) Srigupta

D) Skandagupta

13. What was the name of gold coin during Gupta period?

A) Tanka

B) Dinars

C) Rupyakas

D) Niska

14. What was the name of silver coin during Gupta period?

A) Pana

B) Dinars

C) Ruyakas

D) Tanka

15. Which Gupta king earned the title ‘Mahendroditya’?

A) Visnu Gupta

B) Rama Gupta

C) Skandagupta

D) Kumargupta

16. Which Gupta ruler repaired ‘Sudarsana Lake’ for the second time?

A) Skandagupta

B) Kumar Gupta

C) Vishnu Gupta

D) Chandragupta II

17. Which Gupta ruler was invaded by the Huns?

A) Chandragupta

B) Chandragupta II

C) Samudragupta

D) Skandagupta

18. Who is the court poet of Samudragupta?

A) Kalidasa

B) Harisena

C) Varahmihir

D) Fahien

19. Who was the composer of Prayaga Prasasti or Allahabad Pillar inscription?

A) Dhanvantari

B) Aswaghosa

C) Harisena

D) Vararuchi

20. Which Gupta king has the title ‘Kaviraja’?

A) Buddhagupta

B) Skandagupta

C) Samudragupta

D) Kumargupta

Answer of Question 11 to 20

[11] A [12] A [13] B [14] C [15] D [16] A [17] D [18] B [19] C [20] C.

21. Son of Samudragupta was?

A) Vikramaditya

B) Kumargupta

C) Chandragupta

D) Buddhagupta

22. Samudragupta defeated which kosala king?

A) Mahendra

B) Uddyan

C) Ghatotkach

D) Meheruli

23. Which language patronized by Gupta?

A) Pali

B) Sanskrit

C) Hindi

D) Arabic

24. Who called Samudragupta as ‘Napoleon of India’?

A) J.P. Joshi

B) Mackay

C) Wheeler

D) V.A Smith

25. The son of Chandragupta II was,-

A) Buddhagupta

B) Skandagupta

C) Kumargupta

D) Vishnu Gupta

26. Which Gupta ruler was famous for Musician?

A) Chandragupta I

B) Chandragupta II

C) Samudragupta

D) Skandagupta

27. ‘Devi Chandraguptam’ was written by

A) Kalidasa

B) Ghatakarna

C) Kshapranak

D) Visakha Datta

28. Saka king “Rudrasimha” was defeated by

A) Srigupta

B) harsabardhana

C) Chandragupta II

D) Kumargupta

29. Which ruler founded the Nalanda Mahavihra?

A) Chandragupta I

B) Kumargupta

C) Samudragupta

D) Srigupta

30. Which pilgrim came to India during Chandragupta II?

A) Hiuen-Tsung

B) Ibn Batuta

C) Seleucus

D) Fa-Hien

Answer of Question 21 to 30.

[21] A [22] A [23] B [24] D [25] C [26] C [27] D [28] C [29] B [30] D.

31. Gupta era is identical with –

A) Vallabhi Era

B) Saka era

C) Kushans era

D) Satabahana era

32. The capital of Gupta period was

A) Ujjain

B) Nalanda

C) Patliputra

D) Prayaga

33. Who was the last ruler of Gupta Period?

A) Buddha Gupta

B) Vishnu Gupta

C) Skandagupta

D) Kumargupta II

34. The symbol of Gupta Empire was, –

A) Tiger

B) Elephant

C) Garuda

D) Bali

35. Who was known as ‘Indian Shakespeare?

A) Kalidasa

B) Shanku

C) Dhanavantri

D) Harisena

36. Vrihatsamhita was written by –

A) Kalidasa

B) Velabhatt

C) Amarsinh

D) Varahmihira

37. Gupta period was famous for, –

A) Sculpture

B) Music

C) Agriculture

D War

38. Who wrote Mudra Rakshasa?

A) Kalidasa

B) Harisena

C) Vishakha Datta

D) Amarsinh

Answers of the rest questions.

[31] A [32] C [33] D [34] C [35] A [36] C [37] A [38] C

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