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Geography GK Changed Name of Important Cities, States & Countries

Old & New Names of Cities, States & Countries Around the World > GK [PDF]


Changed names of cities states and countries

Here is a List of important Cities, States & Countries with old and new name : These geography general knowledge are very important for various competitive examinations specially government jobs.

Dear reader, please remember these important cities, states and countries which have changed their name.

 Old Name New Name
 Abyssinia Ethiopia
Angora Ankara
Basutoland Lesotho
Batavia Jakarta
Bechaunaland Botswana
British Guiana Guyana
Burma Myanmar
Cape Canaveral  Cape Kennedy
Ceylon  Sri Lanka
Christina  Oslo
 Congo  Zaire
Constantinople Istanbul
Dutch East Indies Indonesia
East Timor  Loro Sae
 Formosa  Taiwan
 Gold Coast  Ghana
 Holland  Netherlands
 Kampuchea  Cambodia
 Madagascar  Malagasy
 Malaya  Malaysia
 Mesopotamia  Iraq
 Nippon  Japan
 Northern Rhodesia  Zambia
 Nayasaland  Malawi
 Peking  Beijing
 Persia  Iran
 Rhodesia  Zimbabwe
 Saigon  Ho Chi M inh City
 Sandwich Wands  Hawaiian Island
 Siam  Thailand
 South West Africa  Namibia
 Tanganyika and Zanzibar  Tanzania
 Decca  Dhaka

Download old name of some important country in the world

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