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General Knowledge MCQ/Quiz Test On Vedic Culture


General Knowledge MCQ/Quiz Test On Vedic Culture

The most important General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions or take a quick quiz test on Vedic Culture the Early and Later Vedic periods.

Before Solving the quiz I recommend you to take a brief look on Vedic Culture – Early and Later Vedic Period.

Q.1 > Upanishadas’ are book on –

A: Religion

B: Yoga

C: Philosophy

C: Law

Answer: Religion

Q.2 > Rigveda Contains

A: “Rituals to be adapted by the people

B: Hymns in honour of the gods

C: Yagnas to be performed

D: History of the Vedic period

Answer: D History of the Vedic period.

Q.3 > The chief impact of Vedic culture on Indian history was the –

A: Growth of Sanskrit;

B: Progress of philosophy;

C: Consolidation of cast;

D: Rise of an other;

Answer: Consolidation of cast

Q.4 > The Brahmanas are books that deal with

A: The bhakti theory;

B: Ritualism;

C: Yoga;

D: Meditation;

Answer: Ritualism

Q.5 > The first human Status worshiped in India were those of

A: Brahma

B: Vishnu

C: Buddha

D: Shiva

Answer: Buddha

Q.6 > In the Vedic period ‘goghna’ refers to

A: One who gifts cattle;

B: One who slaughters cattle;

C: A guest;

D; The bridegroom;

Answer: A guest


Q.7 > Regarding the early Vedic age, which of the following statements is right:

A: The purohita or priest had no special place in the society.

B: The ‘Sabha’ and ‘Samiti’ had no power in the selection of the Raja.

C: Religion was not based on magic-ritual formulae.

D: Gods were worshiped for the spiritual upliftment of the people.

Answer: C

Q.8 > Tribes in Rig vedic culture was known as ‘jana’ and its king was-

A: Rajan;

B: Kula;

C: Vispati;

D: Purohit;

Answer: Rajan

Q.9 > Collection of lyrics is in which veda?

A: Rig Veda;

B: Sama Veda;

C: Yajur Veda;

D: Atharva Veda;

Answer: Rig Veda

10 > Book of magical formula included in which book?

A: Rig Veda;

B: Sama Veda;

C: Yajur Veda;

D: Atharva Veda;

Answer: Atharva Veda



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