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Important Deserts of the World

GK> Important Deserts of the World | Location | Area – List [PDF]

Major deserts in the World pdf

List of Desert of the World pdf > Desert is a large part of landscape where there is almost no or little rainfall with extreme weather condition and usually less plants. There are many deserts in the world. Some of them are important for any competitive exam. Where are deserts located in the world? Those are given below with details such as their location, area and the maximum temperature reached. Remembering the name and location of major deserts around the earth is very important general knowledge for your upcoming examinations like IAS, SSC, Railway etc.

# Important Hot Deserts of the World PDF:

 Dsert Name  Location  Area  Max Temp
 Sahara Desert  North Africa  9.2 million km²  47 °C
 Kalahari Desert  South Africa  930,200 km²  40 °C
 Namib Desert  Namibia (Africa)  81,121 km²  45 °C
 Gobi Desert  Mongolia  1.296 million km²  45 °C
 Atacama Desert  Chili  104,982 km²  25 °C
 Victoria Desert  Australia  348,700 km²  40 °C
 Sonoran Desert  California (USA)  261,100 km²  48°C
 Karakum Desert  Turkmenistan  350,342 km²  50 °C
 Taklamakan Desert  China  336,900 km2  40 °C
 Thar Desert  India  199429 km2  50 °C
 Patagonian Desert  Argentina, Chile  ‎670,100 km2  31 °C
 Sechura Desert  USA  185,000 km2  33 °C
 Mojave Desert  USA  125,000 km²  56 °C
 Dasht-e-Kavir  Northern Iran  77,500 km²  50 °C
 Dasht-e Lut  Eastern Iran  51,800 km²  70.7° C
 Kyzylkum Desert  Uzbekistan  298,500 km²  52 °C
 An Nafud  Saudi Arabia  103,500 km²  54°C

The temperature in day time in a desert is very high. But it reached to very low in night. Therefor in desert day is very hot and night is very cold.

⇒ Rainfall in desert is very low. Even it can not reach up to 1 cm rainfall over 5-10 years. Some deserts are so hot that the raindrops get evaporate before reaching the ground. The animals in hot desert store water within their body parts and plants do the same in their stem.

⇒ There is almost no desert in Europe.

Sahara desert is the largest in the world.
Thar desert is the largest in India.

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