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First Week March 2017

Current Affairs> First Week March 2017 – Weekly CA


Current Affairs March First Week: We provide most important CA from month March 1st Week 2017. Here in this post we include 30 selected current affairs which should be remembered for your upcoming examinations like UPSC SSC Railway or other govt. examinations. So be careful and serious about your future.

Note: To view ANSWERS of the CURRENT AFFAIRS of FOURTH WEEK of FEB 2017, move the mouse cursor on the black box.

Q.1 A minimum of Rs._________ would be charged the HDFC Bank, ICICI, and Axis Bank after four free transactions in a month.

A: Rs 100
B: Rs. 130
C: Rs 125
D: Rs 150


Rs. 150

Q.2 Scientist has said global warming could melt mountain snow slowly, leading to which of the following effects?

A: Less water for humans
B: Water that evaporates more easily rather than flowing into reservoirs.
C: More water for plants
D: All of the above.


All of the above

Q.3. Which woman cracker won the BCCI award for the first time?

A: Mithali Raj
B: Shanta Rangaswamy
C: Harmanpreet Kaur
D: Mamta Maben


Shanta Rangaswamy

Q.4 Who was the renowned Gujarati writer on whom SAB series “Ooltha Chasmah” is based?

A: Kapil Sharma
B: TArak Mehta
C: Rajendra Shah
D: Suresh Joshi


Tarak Mehata

Q.5 The government has further extended the time limit to deposit the scrapped notes by persons who were abroad during the demonization period till?

A: March 31
B: June 1
C: May 31
D: April 30


March 31

Q.6 Which movie won the Audience Award at the Glasgow Film Festival 2017 on March 1, 2017?

A: Lipstick Under My Burkha
B: Bhakta Vidur
C: Santa Banta Pvt Ltd
D: City of Joy


Lipstick Under My Burkha

Q.7 India accounts for how many internet users globally, according to Adobe?

A: 200.8 Million
B: 268.9 Million
C: 289.3 Million
D: 298.5 Million


268.9 Million

Q.8 Which Indian University has won the annual visitor’s Award for the ‘Best University’, 2017?

A: Jamai Millia Islamia
B: Banarash Hindu University
C: Indian Institute of Kanpur
D: Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi


Jawaharlal University, Delhi

Q.9 Which company has become the new team sponsor for the Indian Cricket?

A: Star India
B: Oppo
C: Reliance
D: Vodafone



Current Affairs> 4th Week February 2017

Q.10 Who has been conferred with additional charge as Director General of Central Reserve Police Force on February 28, 2017?

A: Anjali Nirmal
B: Bipin Ranawat
C: Sudeep Lakhtakia
D: Surrendar Kumar


Sudeep Lakhtakia

Q.11 Who is the winner of the Men’s Single title of the 2017 Rio Open?

A: Dominic Thiem
B: Robert Farah
C: Pablo Carreno Busta
D: Juan Sebastian


Dominic Thiem

Q.12 Which country has decided to use the Russian ruble as its official currency along with its own existing official currency?

A: Belarus
B: Ukraine
C: Poland
D: Hungary



Q.13 The National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) has signed an MoU with which organization on March 1, 2017 for the speedy implementation and success of Namami Ganga?

A: Sankat Mochan foundation
B: Shuddhi Foundation
C: Ganga Action Parivar
D: Rotary India


Rotary India

Q.14 Who is the Chairman of the Supreme Court constituted special investigating team (SIT) on black money?

A: Kirti Saxena
B: M.L. Mehta
C: M.B. Shah
D: Arijit Pasayat


M.B Shah

Q.15 Which bank launched India’s first Artificial intelligence driven chat-bot EVA on March 5, 2017?

A: IndusInd Bank
B: HDFC Bank
C: Axis Bank
D: Punjab National Bank



Q.16 The Aadhar card number has been made mandatory for senior citizens to avail concessions in train tickets effective from?


A: April 30, 2017
B: March 31, 2017
C: April 1, 2017
D: July 1, 2017


April 1, 2017

Q.17 How many years old Micro-fossils found in Canada may represent oldest known life on earth?

A: 4.7 billion
B: 5.3 billion
C: 4.3 Billion
D: 4.6 billion


4.3 billion

Q.18 Which state government has recently gave official language status to endangered tribal language ‘Kurukh’?

A: Rajasthan
B: Assam
C: West Bengal
D: Punjab


West Bengal

Q.19 Which is the theme of 2017 World Wildlife Day (WWD)?

A: Listen to the young voices
B: Stop wildlife crime
C: The future of wildlife is in our hands
D: It’s time to get serious about wildlife crime


Listen to the young voice

Q.20 The 2017 International Yoga festival has started in which state?

A; Madhya Pradesh
B: Tamil Nadu
C: Uttarakhand
D: Arunachal Pradesh



Current Affairs> 3rd Week February, 2017

Q. 21 The Advance S-300 Millie Defense System of Iran which became operational on March 4,2017 has been manufactured by which country?

B: Italy
C: Russia
D: China



Q.22 Which north-eastern state has decided to make Sanskrit as a compulsory language for students up to class 8 in the state?

A: Assam
B: West Bengal
C: Mizoram
D: Nagaland



Q.23 Tirupati Airport in Andhra Pradesh has been renamed as?

A: Amaravati Ariport
B: Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Ariport
C: Sri Mukhalingam Airport
D: Sri Venkateswara Airport


Sri Venkateswara Ariport

Q.24 What is the capital of Sweden?

A: Stockholm
B: Ouagadougou
C: Amsterdam
D: Damascus



Q.25 Who has been appointed VP and Head of Marketing at ShopClues?

A: Harpreet Singh
B: Harmeet Singh
C: Harneet Singh
D: Harminder Singh


Harneet Singh

Q.26 Who has been appointed as India’s next Ambassador to World Trade Organization with effect from June 2017?

A: Arun Kumar Singh
B: JS Deepak
C: Navtej Sarna
D: Nirupama Rao


JS Deepak

Q.27 Who has been appointed as the Prime Minister of Sudan?

A: Kosti Manibe Ngai
B: Hassan Saleh
C: Agrey Tisa Subuni
D: Salve Kiir


Hassan Saleh

Q.28 The Haryana State government has presented as budget worth Rs. ______ Crore for fiscal 2017-18?

A: Rs 2.02 crore
B: Rs 2.00 crore
C: Rs 2.99 crore
D: Rs 2.77 crore


2.02 crore

Q.29 Hyderabad Airport Gains _________ Rand Worldwide in Airport Service Quality Survey?

A: 1st
B: 7th
C: 9th
D: 2nd



Q.30 How many new species of microbes have been found to flourish on mobile handset?

A: 4
B: 3
C: 6
D: 8



Current Affairs> 2nd Week February, 2017

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