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February Third week 2017

Current Affairs> 3rd Week February, 2017


Important Current Affairs Third Week February 2017

We select all important Current Affairs from Third week of February 2017. There are total 30 multiple choice objective MCQ questions. All these are very important for your upcoming competitive govt. jobs examinations. So all the best.

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Q.1> Which Indian movie has won the International Federation of Art Cinemas (CICAE) award at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival?

A: Chartak
B: Jal
C: Newton
D: Titli

Answer: Newton;

Q.2> Which of the following become the India’s first-ever cashless township?


Answer: GNFC

Q.3> Which Indian-origin personality has been awarded the 2017 United Kingdom’s Outstanding Bravery of the year award?

A: Jasleen Laghari
B: Aaleyah Khan
C: Harikiran Sharma
D: Shand Panesar

Answer: Shand Panesar;

Q.4> Who is the Samsung executive who was arrested in South Korea’s corruption scandal?

A: HC Hong
B: Oh-Hyun Kwon
C: Chung Lee
D: Jay Y. Lee

Answer: Jay Y. Lee

Q.5> Which Indian hockey player has been honoured with the Honorary Doctorate Degree on February 14, 2017 by Desh Bhagat University in Punjab?

A: Sandeep Singh
B: Sardara Shingh
C: Youvraj Singh
D: P.R. Shreejesh

Answer: Sandeep Singh;

Q.6> ISRO created history by successfully launching how many satellites in a single mission, on 15th February, 2017?

A: 104
B: 103
C: 107
D: 105

Answer: 104;

Q.7> The second ocean sailboat INSV________ was successfully inducted by the Indian Navy on February 18, 2017?

A: Tarangini
B: Tanvi
C: Tarini
D: Tammana

Answer: Tarini

Q.8> Which country will host 2017 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup?

A: England
B: India
C: Sri Lanka
D: New Zealand

Answer: England

Q.9> Which Indian personality to host Hindi version of international show ‘TED Talks’?

A: Salman Khan
B: Shah Rukh Khan
C: Priyanka Chopra
D: Amitabh Bachchan

Answer: Shah Rukh Khan

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Q.10> Which is the capital city of Montenegro?

A: Baku
B: skopje
C: Tirana
D: Podgorica

Answer: Podgorica

Q.11> Scientist have developed a thermally conductive rubber material named ________ which can be used or creating soft, stretchable machines and electronics.

A: Scrubber
B: Ribbony
C: Papery
D: Thubber

Answer: Thubber;

Q.12> What is the rank of India in the Index of Economic Freedom 2017?

A: 127
B: 143
C: 110
D: 135

Answer: 143;

Q.13> India’s first dedicated Heliport will be set up in which city?

A: New Delhi
B: Kolkata
C: Kochi
D: Chandigarh

Answer: New Delhi;

Q.14> Who has been appointed as the 13th Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on February 16th 2017?

A: K T Rajenthra Bhalaji
B: Edappadi K Palaniswami
C: P Balakrishna Rekky
D: K.A Sengottaiyan

Answer: Edappadi K Palaniswami

Q.15> Which bank has been awarded with ISO 27001: 2013 certification for its Information Security Management System (ISMS) on February 16, 2017?

A: Karur Vysya Bank
B: Lakshmi Vilas Bank
C: Karnataka Bank
D: South Indian Bank

Answer: South Indian Bank

Q.16> Who has become the Pakistan’s first woman foreign secretary?

A: Sabika Chaudhry
B: Adilah Khan
C: Tehmina Janjua
D: Bahameen Sharif

Answer: Tehmina Januja

Q.17> What is the total outlay of the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY)?

A: Rs. 50000 Crore
B: Rs. 55000 Crore
C: Rs. 62000 Crore
D: Rs. 49000 Crore

Answer: 50000 Crore;

Q.18> Which foreign Airline became the first international airline to start service in Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar International Airport on February 19, 2017?

A: AirCh ina
B: Qatar Airways
C: Emirates Airline
D: AirAsia


Answer: AirAsia

Q.19> Only active volcano of India is located in which state or Union territory?

A: Gujarat
B: Andaman and Nicobar Island
C: Maharashtra
D: Kerala

Answer: Andaman and Nicobar Island;

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Q.20> Name the two Indian boxers who have signed multi-year deal IOS Boxing Promotions on February 18, 2017 to turn professional boxers?

A: Vikas Ydav and Satish Kumar
B: Shiva Thapa and Devendro Singh
C: Akhil Kumar and Jetender Kumar
D: Manoj Kumar and Mandeep Jangra

Answer: Akhil Kumar and Jetender Kumar

Q.21> Which Public bank has launched mobile wallet ‘Bataua’ for digital payments?

C: Canara Bank

Answer: OBC (Oriental Bank of Commerce)

Q.22> Who has won the gold medal in the Men’s 50km event of the National Race Walking Championships held in New Delhi on February 18, 2017?

A: Aman Kumar
B: Jetender Sing
C: Chandan Singh
D: Sandeep Kumar

Answer: Sandeep Kumar

Q.23> Who has won the 2017 Laureus World Sports Awards for Sportswoman of the Year?

A: Simone Biles
B: Kelly Holmes
C: Jessica Ennis
D: Serena Williams

Answer: Simone Biles;

Q.24> For Chief Justice of India (CJI), Altamas Kabir who died on February 19, 2017 served as ______ CJI of India?

A: 41
B: 35
C: 29
C: 44

Answer: 39

Q.25> Who is the author of the book “Army and Nation: The Military and Indian Democracy since Independence”?

A: Shiv Kunal Verma
B: Steven Wilkinson
C: Burce Riedel
D: Christophe Jaffrelot

Answer: Steve Wilkinson

Q.26> Which country has the highest premature deaths due to ozone pollution?

A: Pakistan
B: Bangladesh
C: India
D: Cuba

Answer: India;

Q.27> Name the winner of the Brand Laureate’s Legendary Award for 2017?

A: Lata Mangeshkar
B: Mark Zuckerberg
C: Ratan Tata
D: Steve Jobs

Answer: Lata Mangeshkar

Q.28> India has committed how much in soft loans to Nepal for infrastructure projects?

A: USD 350 Million
B: USD 360 Million
C: USD 370 Million
D: USD 340 Million

Answer: USD 340 Million;

Q.29> US president Donald Trump has named whom as new National Security Adviser (NSA)?

A: Michael Flynn
B: HR McMaster
C: Keith Kellog
D: Smith Bureg

Answer: HR McMaster

Q.30> Government of India launches its own QR code platform, Name of that QR code?

A: IndiaQR
B: BharatQR
C: HindustanQR
D: RupeeQR

Answer: BharatQR

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